Tuesday, March 31, 2009

WDJD (What Did Jesus Do) ?

Happening upon another debate on a religious political party Facebook group hate wall, I noticed somebody posted the following in a debate about GLBT and their party's dicriminatory policies:

"God gave us freedom of choice so if you want to be bisexual, be bisexual; if you want to be a pedophile, that is your choice;"

So who's a hypocrite now?

This person equates being GLBT with having a "choice" when in fact there is none - and then she blatantly disproved her bragging statements that she is a follower of a loving Christ by committing an act of hate in comparing a bisexual person (who hurts no-one) with a pedophile who hurts children (and is statistically most often heterosexual). Then she went on to say:

"but know that when God calls you to stand before Him on judgement day to see your life on the 'big screen'- make sure you are prepared to handle the consequences"

I hope this Sue can face that day herself - knowing she has sided with those who would kill people for being born different, stripping them of their dignity and equality out of false piety and the rubbish rhetoric of hate. If they have their way, of course - which is just what would happen should this party in question come to power in this country.

I was happy to point the following out to them:

This party is filled with and supported by people who would do blatant evil in the name of a loving god - it is not I who should fear appearing before God on the day of judgment - but you.

I look forward to that day, to see justice done.

The question you should be asking yourselves is this: WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? - But more to the point, my narrow-minded lemming friends, What DID Jesus do?

Did HE ever say or do anything against GLBT people? No? So then why do YOU?

At the end of all things you can say "but Pastor So-and-so said this was wrong and I believed him" and "Reverend This-or-that told me to do those things to those people, and I did it" - this will simply not do. We do make choices in our lives, true - but being born gay or trans is not a choice. Being a bigot and a persecutor of others most certainly is - and that is your choice - your free will. And if there is a God and a day of judgment, these are the people who will have a reason to fear.
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Grow a brain and think for yourselves, and while you are at it, grow a soul and a heart to go with it! And yes, Sue - I used inverted commas around "Christianity" - because while this grouping uses the name - this coven of false witness is NOT it.

Another person to add his five cent's worth is often full of false plastic praise for me and saying how much he as a Christian 'loves' us lowly gay folk, while never failing to point out how 'wrong' and 'misguided' we are - not forgetting the fact that the party he represents has official policies which condemn GLBT and will not hesitate to criminalize GLBT folk and remove all civil rights should they ever win an election. How lucky for us lowly criminal sexual deviants then, that this group which brags "1 million supporters for the X party" only has 600 odd followers. Shame - good luck for the election, guys - you have a whole month left to get the other 940 000 000.

Dear Birthwell,

Your praise of me and the "concern" you show is empty and shallow, for you have revealed the hate you feel for those who are different by your bigoted comments in this and earlier conversations. Save the show for church on Sunday - your friends may fall for it, but God sees through you - as do I.

You stand upon high ground looking arrogantly down upon others who are in fact equal to you, as sinful as the rest of us, no more clean than any other fellow sinner. You hypocrite - you have a boulder in your eye - attend to that first before criticizing your brother for the speck in his!

You claim to have found God, but instead of serving Him, you stand before Him and mock Him to His face with your false piety.

Does it not say in John "how can you claim to love God who you haven't seen, but hate your neighbour whom you have seen?" - And before you lie by claiming yet again to love GLBT people - remember that making outcasts of people is not showing love, but hate.

Blessed are the peacemakers - and yet you pursue a war on people only wanting to live in peace beside you..

And that says all I - and everyone here - needs to know about you."

I must admit I felt much better afterwards - but still, the realization that you can have a rational debate with bigots about as easily as you can negotiate with terrorists, was a sobering thought indeed. After all - are they not the same thing?

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