Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Can You Help Me, Officer? Somebody Hijacked My Religion!

Some champion of religious intolerance had this to say on a topic on the ACDP Facebook site today and drew my attention:

"Do you even know what the DA stands for? I challenge you to take a look at and see. And please don't accept it at face value, follow up on the footnotes to check if the statements are true. As a Christian, I can't vote for someone who is Pro-Abortion, Pro-Pornography, Pro-Homosexuality, and Anti-God." - Lambertus Petrus Johannes Louw.

Mr Louw was criticizing somebody for saying he would prefer to vote DA than ACDP because of their hateful attitude and policies directed at GLBT. And Mr Louw was clearly stating his position on people's sexuality and ergo his ignorant perception that this somehow indicates GLBT are "anti-god" simply by their birthright. What a fascinating perception - completely off the rails - but fascinating.

I, like many people (religious or not) who are sick and tired of the continued hijacking of religion as a vehicle through which to express hate and intolerance and the opression of others in the body of some creative misinterpretations and outright embellishments - would rather vote for freedom and equality for all than for deception, hate, fundamentalism, fanaticism and theocracy thinly disguised as hollow, false and pious "christian" love. 

Clearly they do not even know the meaning of the word - nor the "loving" god whom they claim to follow so blindly. For if they did, then they would put their money where their pie-holes are and live as Christ did, not oppressing anybody, nor badmouthing them, nor trying so hard to strip them of their humanity.

Those who claim to love this god should watch a little movie called "For the Bible Tells Me so" to see the truth behind their own manipulation and ignorance about their own faith, its oft misinterpreted manuals - and gay people - and the cold unchristian hatred with which they treat them.
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Religion cannot rule a government wisely or in an unbiased manner. For the sake of equality, justice and peace for everyone, it must not be allowed to. This is exactly why I will vote DA - and will continue to urge as many people as I can to do so as well.

"God doesn't belong in government - He belongs in the hearts of the people who want Him there." - me


  1. Hi Christina,

    Christians are to live like Christ did. And that means that they must continue to strive towards holy lives. That means like Christ lived and according to what He demanded.

    Christ by no means accepted sin, and as a result overthrew the tables in the temple. When the Pharisees brought the woman caught in adultery to Jesus for His condemnation, He decided no to fall into their trap and told them to throw their stones, if they were without sin. However, He did not leave the woman as is. He made a demand on her: "Go and sin no more!"

    The ACDP does not condemn sinners. But like Jesus, the ACDP wants to live by the demands of Jesus. And that demand includes: "Go and sin no more!" That would include those in GLBT. No one is excused from that command.

    In the same vein, Jesus came to earth to bring salvation to those who put their faith in Him.

    So, while Jesus died in the place of sinners, He also demanded that those sinners stopped their sin.

    Why is that? A life of continued sin is evidence that salvation did not take place. And the danger in that is judgement after death.

    Now, when I see someone running straight for a cliff and towards their impending death, should I keep quiet or should I with the utmost of urgency warn him? That is love.

    A loving God does not want us to stay as we are. If we continue living in our sin and ignore His own dire warnings, we will end up under His judgement in hell.

    God demands holiness, a holiness that ONLY be found in Christ.

    The ACDP wants laws in this country that are based on the Bible, especially the New Testament.

    If you blow smoke about that desire of the ACDP, "I guess that's just your problem, innit?" :-)

  2. Hi Christina, perhaps your biggest problem stems from confusing the obedience of Christians to God and His will and their love for Him with antonyms, such as hateful and deception (the latter is actually satan's trademark) - intolerance (towards sins and promoters of sin), yes, that is a Godly attribute.

    Considering man-made rights as superceding God's law and institutions is probably equally confusing yourself.

    It is a total miscomprehension that religion is hijacked by believers - they are merely disicples of the Almighty God - following and promoting His will.

    We are all sinners - and God can forgive all sins (except denying Him). But once you're on the road to promote sin and oppose God's will, it becomes something completely different - He will NOT be mocked or patronised.

    God does belong in Government - He instituted it and commanded it from the beginning of mankind - He created mankind to glorify Him in all they do (why He then gave man the right to choose will in a way always be strange to me, but that is His will and I accept it like that - which doesn't make me a blind follower, I choose to follow the Great Decider).

    And I do not think the DA would like to be openly associated with you and your homosexual agenda (which you can't even hide away under the flimsy banner of human rights). Perhaps the you can get their official opinion on your blog - they may surprise you - or sting many of their followers.

  3. William,

    "God demands holiness" - really? Show me where CHRIST ever was quoted as saying ONE THING condemning gay people. And why does GOD PRAISE eunuchs(the biblical name for a group including gay men)? The Christian Bible peddled today is so full of contradictions on this very subject - and others - it is not even worth bothering with.

    "The ACDP wants laws in this country that are based on the Bible, especially the New Testament." Really? - well I am happy that you are outnumbered. Because whatever government would result from such a travesty would never be just, honorable or even of the god you claim to serve. Your recent failure to unite all "Christian" parties demonstrates your one fatal weakness - PRIDE.

    Lastly, Christ did not command people to take over the government (even be it peacefully) and to set about persecuting others in his name. So go back to the ACDP cronies and tell them to go and live as their Christ told them to instead. It is not up to YOU to decide for others how they should live, what they should think or feel - or who they should love. God left that up to our free will - and you should respect his wisdom instead of trying to play god and hijack that as well.

    Your kind hijacked and bastardized my faith - and the faith of millions of loving, decent Christians - and perverted it into a fundamentalist false religion of hate, control and fascist intolerance. I will never cease my endeavors to show the world - and your god - what you really are.

  4. "hateful and deception (the latter is actually satan's trademark" Wow - so why does the religious right resort to so much deception in it's unjust campaign against innocent people? James Dobson alone has perverted and embellished the work of so many credible researchers to reflect whatever negative things he wants to use against GLBT. I wonder what that says about the fundamentalists?

    "It is a total miscomprehension that religion is hijacked by believers - they are merely disicples of the Almighty God - following and promoting His will." How can this be true when there is so much hypocrisy in churches and religious movements worldwide - on the part of people claiming to serve their god and lead his people? The current pope is an excellent example of a bigot, a heterosexist, and a hypocrite.

    "We are all sinners - and God can forgive all sins" - but apparently certain alleged followers of this god cannot. And the onus is still on you to prove anything. Even one iota. It's not looking very good for you right now, you have to admit.

    Just because YOU believe in a god and a set of laws supposedly donated by he/she/it does not mean all others automatically have to as well - and you can expect resistance to having fundamentalist claptrap forced on people who actually dare to believe in a loving god.

    Blah, blah, blah - you choose to glorify yourselves. You dominionists choose to believe that your great powerful god cannot cope in bringing about his second coming, so you set about trying to conquer the world and to run it "on his behalf" in the hope that he will come pat you on the back. I sincerely hope that he/she/it will deliver a resounding kick to your bigot asses instead.

    You have not seen anything, or heard anything yourself, no proof, no facts, nothing - and somehow you are not a blind follower? How does that work?

    As a matter of interest, the DA supports EQUALITY for all, including GLBT people. The DA is proud to have a large number of GLBT members and representatives, as per a recent announcement. The DA has also endorsed the recent Cape Pride event and praised it for its role in fostering diversity and tolerance. The DA does not seek to sully politics with religion - or try to force others to your oppressive backward views - and thats why you don't like them, isn't it?

    The DA is light years ahead of parties like the ACDP and CDA. Perhaps you should change its name to the ACDC party instead. You guys remind people of the Spanish Inquisition, with the same mentality that also proclaimed the Earth is flat and steam engines are the work of the Devil. And so is your rhetoric.

    Thank you gents, it's been a slice.

  5. Hi Christina (I guess that's "Christian" when "the Alpha" is put back into your life :-)

    Unfortunately debating with you from any angle is futile because of the angry, venomous, toxic, inflammatory, loaded words and world view you argue from (see how easy it is for me to emulate you).

    It is difficult to logically reason with both homophobes and heterophobes (such as where you have positioned yourself). Well done for making your point. Sadly at the cost of alienating the very ones you need to dialogue with.

    Maybe one day, when all your hatred and immense intolerance of other world views that oppose yours has subsided, we may engage in meaningful and constructive dialogue. Until then...

  6. I agree - debating with fundamentalist bigots is always futile. Minekey is replete with such futile attempts. In every case fundamentalists resort to quoting scripture and spewing rhetoric in the face of common sense and common decency - clearly unable to think for themselves.

    I'm sorry, but standing up to heterosexist bigotry does not make me a "heterophobe" - (is that a word??)well done on your initiative though - even though you fall flat on your face there.

    As I have said before, here and in other places - I am not anti-god, or anti-Christian, or anti-heterosexual (LOL) - just anti-bigotry and anti-hypocrisy. Nor do I hate. (Four more fingers pointing back at you for supporting those who do.)

    Until those who think, speak and act as the bigots do, cease persecuting innocent people simply wanting to get on with their lives with the same dignity, freedoms and civil rights as everybody else - there isn't much chance of meaningful dialogue, is there?

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - thank you Shaun - now why not develop an open mind as well and set about to live and let live instead of setting out to ruin other people's lives and supporting those who do?