Monday, January 7, 2013

The Poep's Latest Move, And Other Stories

Do you like what I did there? "Poep" for "Pope", and meaning "fart" in Afrikaans? "Oh... right, I see what you did there..."

I have a bit of a mixed bag for you all today. Happy 2013 folks!

December 2012 was quite a rough patch for me and mine. I spent a lot of December flat on my back - not nearly as much fun as you might think. 

My girl friend was involved in a bit of a car smash and was in hospital for a few days with spinal injuries, which appear to be healing slowly. After a month with almost no sign of improvement, she is regaining some sensation in her right leg, with full use of her left. Remarkably, even though she can't feel anything in her right leg, she can still move it, and can therefore drive, and in a fashion, walk. She has a new car, her 2011 Polo having been written off by the insurance, and not a word from the other party, life goes on.