Thursday, November 22, 2018

Turkey Day

It's Thanksgiving Day in "the land of the free", or so the story goes.
The "Land of the Free". It makes you think, doesn't it?

I wonder what native Americans are thankful for on Thanksgiving? Don't you?

Without being facetious - have you ever stopped to really, actually think about it?

Thursday, November 15, 2018

"Demonspawn - An Airtight Narrative" - Review

In "Demonspawn", the second title in the Galaxii Series by Christina Engela, a tale of suspense and horror unfolds. 

Adrift and stranded in deep space with no hope of rescue, the I.S.S. Mordrake has six month’s worth of food left, but just less than two weeks of air – and things are looking pretty grim. And, as if there’s not enough on their plate already, something dark and mysterious drifts into their path – an ancient derelict ship littered with the dusty remains of its long-dead crew! The derelict presents an all-too convenient and timely solution to their problem, offering the desperate castaways the spare parts they badly need to repair their ship... but nothing's ever really that easy, is it? There's no such thing as a free lunch out here, in the cold empty wastes of deep space.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Another Round At The Crow Bar: #23 November 2018

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Another Amazing Review For "Demonspawn"!

I just found another great review of "Demonspawn", the second title in my Galaxii Series!

by Aimee Ann, October 6, 2018

"Demonspawn by Christina Engela is incontrovertibly a must-read science fiction horror novel and a novel that should not be missed! Demonspawn is the spine-tingling second installment of Christina Engela’s Galaxii series that takes us, adventurous readers, to the depths of space on a journey riddled with dangers around every turn. Demonspawn by Christina Engela will chill you to your core, it will seep into you deeper than the vast cold of space and it made for a thrilling read! I love how the tension and suspense build to a horrifying crescendo that had my heart pounding through my chest in terror, shock, and excitement!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

"Blachart" by Christina Engela - Galaxii #1

Blachart” tells the story of a former Space Fleet officer trying to make a living as a private loderunner owner and skipper. Mykl d’Angelo has fallen on hard times – and has just had the worst day of his life in that field. Due a minor misunderstanding, his crew has mutinied and left him and two others behind to crew the ailing loderunner Pegasus – which just happened to literally lose its stardrive in the middle of the middle of nowhere! His two remaining crewmen are killed when the ship’s engine explode, and Mykl d’Angelo is marooned and awaits rescue in deep space.

Watch the book trailer video:

Thursday, November 1, 2018

The Opening And Closing Of Doors

2018 - and indeed, October 2018 in particular marked a turning point in my life, where I closed a few doors behind me on past endeavors, and opened a door ahead of me.

My activist past in terms of belonging to organized groups and associations is a lengthy convoluted one, and if you'd been following my blog "Sour Grapes: The Fruit Of Ignorance" since I started it in 2009, you'd probably be aware of some of this.