Tuesday, December 18, 2018

"Loderunner" - Why Did I Write It?

"Loderunner" is book 4 in my Quantum Series, and I completed the first draft in 2007. The background of the story and why I wrote it is something I've never gone into at length before, so for those of you who are interested, this might be worth your while reading.

Paranormal TV Shows? Try Specter Adventures!

"Panic! Horror In Space #2" by Christina Engela - the second installment in the Panic! Horror In Space series, now available as an ebook for only $2.

Some people enjoy watching paranormal TV shows – but not Stuart Flane, captain of the Terran starship Mercury. Having just narrowly missed being a ghost – or worse, himself – after a weird incident involving reanimated corpses and alien nanobots, Flane wanted nothing to do with playing host to a bunch of paranormal investigators for a popular TV show called ‘Specter Adventures’. Neither did he fancy a 12 hour jaunt on Floridia-7, which was described by some as ‘the most haunted abandoned Terran outpost in the galaxy’ – but since he owed Commodore Peters for covering his ass after he lost nearly his entire crew to zoms, he reluctantly agreed. And that, pretty much, is where things started going off the rails.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Vampires Provide An Unusual Twist In Sci-fi Horror Novel

Vampire horror in space, anyone? ;)

Lange’s Legacy” is a story about Sean Lange, a man who works on a huge star-liner as chief of security. It’s a monotonous routine job, and with around 3000 guests and 1500 crew to look after, there’s no rest for the wicked. Space travel is pretty exciting, as he would tell you – which only means you get to see your life flash before your eyes several times a day – but can’t hear much dialog over the sound of your own screaming.

The disappearance of the Red Star Liner “Demeter” becomes one of the great unsolved mysteries of commercial deep-space travel, until one day, a military ship on patrol spots an object drifting in space – which turns out to be a shuttle from the long-lost mystery ship, Demeter. They find a body onboard – a body clutching a very long letter…

Lange’s Legacy” is the fourth title in the Galaxii Series by Christina Engela.

Monday, December 3, 2018

In A Mirror, Darkly

Hmmm.... When people get upset about posts or memes or statements on social media, specifically Facebook, criticizing Christianity...

"It's offensive!" They cry.

"Show respect to my beliefs!" They shout.

"Don't post that where I can see it!" They demand.

What's really offensive to me is the number of adults who go around driving cars, owning guns, raising kids and being allowed to conduct business, who act as if any of that stuff is real and get butt-hurt when anyone contradicts their little "world view".

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving Day in "the land of the free", or so the story goes.

I wonder what native Americans are thankful for on Thanksgiving? Don't you?

No, really - without being facetious - have you ever stopped to think about it?

Thursday, November 15, 2018

"An Airtight Narrative" - Demonspawn

Adrift and stranded in deep space with no hope of rescue, the I.S.S. Mordrake has six month’s worth of food left, but just less than two weeks of air – and things are looking pretty grim. And, as if there’s not enough on their plate already, something dark and mysterious drifts into their path – an ancient derelict ship littered with the dusty remains of its long-dead crew! The derelict presents an all-too convenient and timely solution to their problem, offering the desperate castaways the spare parts they badly need to repair their ship... but nothing's ever really that easy, is it? There's no such thing as a free lunch out here, in the cold empty wastes of deep space.

Resentment, bitterness and malaise having taken hold of the survivors, this sudden reprieve brings new challenges - in order for the crew of the Mordrake to survive, they have to work together – even though the faceless, cold-blooded killer who murdered the Mordrake’s Captain still walks freely among them! Despite a further run of mysterious accidental deaths, they must find a way to retrieve the parts they need to repair their own vessel – no matter what it was on the derelict ship that seemed to want to keep them for itself!

"Demonspawn" is the second title in the Galaxii Series by Christina Engela.

"This story reminded me of films such as Alien and Event Horizon but Demonspawn could easily stand shoulder to shoulder with them. There were many concepts of the sci-fi genre in this book that were original and put together in a way not seen before anywhere else (this was especially so for the ‘Akx’.) It’s an enjoyable read that will leave you wanting more. 5 Stars." – by Lee Hall, UK-based writer, playwright and reviewer.

"The dangers are very real in Demonspawn, brought to life by Christina Engela’s frightening air-tight narrative, coupled with an all-consuming sense of danger, and superb characterization! 5 Stars." – Aimee Ann, Redheadedbooklover.com 

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Leaving Amazon

As of 14 November 2018, I am no longer supporting Amazon.com or distributing my books to them. That's it, I'm done! Bearing in mind, as an indie author, it's incredibly difficult to get sales (even when distributing through Amazon via my publishing platform, to be brutally honest), and despite that, most of my sales still come from Amazon channels - this is a matter of conscience for me.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Another Round At The Crow Bar: #23 November 2018

Hello friends and fans!
Welcome to my 23rd newsletter: November 2018! Coming up in this edition of Another Round @ The Crow Bar: Regular updates, new releases, and a monthly spotlight on one of my books, this time "Demonspawn".