About The Author

"Hmm. This is the part where I am supposed to write about myself in a way that makes me seem way, way more interesting than I really am, isn't it? Okay then, let's see... I'm 27, blond and enjoy skydiving on weekends. No? Okay, try this - I just turned 40 but I look 27, I'm blond when I find the time to visit the salon, and I don't enjoy the idea of jumping out of a perfectly good plane unless it's on fire or something of that order. I tend to get in trouble occasionally because I am something of a human rights activist and just can't keep my mouth shut when I see bad things happening that don't necessarily affect me. 

I find people who think I should be afraid of them for some strange reason to be particularly funny. I think death threats are a rather amusing form of self expression for procrastinators and people who have a lack of motivation or skill, or possibly a bottle of liquor or all of the above. Better? Okay, okay - how about this: I enjoy paint ball and witchcraft. Odd combination, some might think - but just think about it for a moment... How about that?

No? Still not happy? Okay then, let's try the public version:

"Christina Engela is a trans-woman who lives in the sunny South African city of Port Elizabeth (known as the Windy City) – a tourist haven with an unhealthy preoccupation with apples and whose mascot symbol is a Jackass Penguin – which should give you some idea of what she has to deal with on a daily basis. 

She attributes her weird sense of humour to her unusual family and friends and perhaps having had too much time to herself as a child. At school she was known for her quirky poetry and weird sense of humour, which came in handy while directing a school play (which incidentally, involved three toilet rolls, a walkie-talkie and a hammer marked "Exhibit A").

After completing high school in 1991 at the tender age of 18 she enlisted in the Army and spent the next few years wondering what the hell it was all about anyway and "Why is that fat man with the red badges shouting at me?" She qualified as a computer technician (A+) in 1999 and moved into the network support environment, where she gathered a lot of experience in conflict resolution and self-control. Travelling 5 km just to push a power cable back into a monitor and give users Dirty Looks became a genuinely fulfilling experience.

At the age of 26 she came out as transgender and began a difficult process of transitioning from male to female, undergoing her final surgeries in January 2006. She has, in the course of the past ten years, written eleven books, eight of them being sci-fi comedy novels using GLBT or I characters, and the rest being books on human rights matters affecting the pink community. Her articles on gay and transgender rights are reproduced on several places on the web.

As an agnostic and eclectic dark Pagan witch, she has little time for people who claim to know any gods personally, and especially those who campaign for the removal of the equality and civil rights of others based simply on their ignorance, intolerance and what they think they know. When she encounters people who claim "God hates ..." and "God says ...", she loves to check their pockets for any hidden communication devices (white for the Big Guy, red for the Other Place - wherever that may be).

She doesn’t take kindly to being treated like a second-class woman or human being, and her passion is working for the unity, dignity and equality of the Pink Community against oppression and prejudice. For this reason she became an activist for the human rights, and has been closely involved with two South African GLBTI rights groups, SA GLAAD and ECGLA. She also occasionally rolls up her sleeves to get involved in local politics."

Still not happy? Hmm... perhaps you should visit my website - or just read my books - there's no better way to get to know me or understand me than that!" - Christina Engela.

A Little More About The Author:

As a fervent advocate of human rights and equality for all people, Christina Engela has written numerous articles (over 500 on her blog “Sour Grapes: the Fruit of Ignorance” alone) which traversed the globe, being re-posted on a number of activist or special interest sites.

Since 2008 she has also released two lengthy books (over 500 pages each) on the subject of gay rights and freedoms in South Africa, drawing on her experiences as a human rights activist with SA GLAAD and ECGLA. She also compiled a list of useful articles, information and links which come in handy whenever an activist engages with someone who is assuming the role of an “expert” when trying to batter down the human rights or equality of a persecuted minority.

She has also advocated strongly in favor of freedom of religion, freedom of expression, association and the right of the individual to dignity and to identify as he or she chooses. Since 2011 she became active in support of Pagan rights in South Africa. She has also campaigned in support of alternate identity groups and the rights of sub-cultures (such as Goth, emo and vampire cultures) to exist without fear of persecution. She has over the past few years worked closely with people from diverse backgrounds (including Christians, Pagans, Satanists, other occultists and even vampires) to advocate for equality, non-discrimination and to educate the broader public about these pressing social issues.

Her contribution to the Alternative Religions Forum project was the writing, compilation, editing and co-ordination of the 498 page tome "Satanism: The Acid Test", an enlightening document which has already been circulated around the globe since its release in early July 2013 to governments, the United Nations, Human Rights Watch, Genocide Watch and countless other human rights and advocacy bodies worldwide.

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