Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Another Round At The Crow Bar #52 April 2021

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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Dead... Beckoning!

The Galaxii Series: Book 3 "Dead Beckoning" by Moon Books Publishings' best-selling author & South African writer, Christina Engela. 

Action! Adventure! Space Opera!

The fearsome Corsairs had waged a campaign of terror against the Human colonies for nearly a century, plundering and dominating the space lanes that crossed the Terran Empire, at will, all the while keeping the location of their base a closely guarded secret. Then one day, quite unexpectedly, the Corsairs luck finally ran out…

After nearly two days of fierce fighting, the Battle of Turtle Island left the skies of the Corsair world darkened with their dead. In orbit, the remnants of the once feared Black Fleet drifted, blazing… while below, the Corsair civilization breathed its last. The Terrans had finally defeated the dreaded Corsairs.

Friday, March 12, 2021

Best Served Cold

Imagine, if you will:

It all began with a what.

What, as it turned out, was a tiny speck racing through the blackest depths of space, catching the faint and distant light of the Sun as it did so, growing fainter and more distant at each passing second. 

The speck was a freight carrier – a loderunner, looking exactly like one of the multitude that traveled between Mars and Earth. This particular one was a brand new ship, which – most unusually – had already been refitted. It had been specially modified – in great haste – to meet the demands and purpose of a new mission, and as a result, most of the ship’s cargo space was now occupied by a passenger compartment and extra fuel cells to allow it to make this extraordinarily long and distant journey to the outer reaches of the solar system. Unmanned probes had gone there before, but probes weren’t ships – they didn’t carry crew… Human beings, in person. Crewed, full–sized Human ships had never ventured this far out before.