Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Told You So!

You might find the following link interesting - in a 4th March wall post on the official Facebook ACDP group, a representative of the ACDP admits the ACDP and other fundamentalist parties have been meeting to discuss unity of Christian political parties before or after next months election - under the influence of Peter Hammond and Errol Naidoo - the two most dangerous homophobes and religious fundamentalists in SA! 

Wesley Douglas, an MP for the ACDP spoke at length about internal politics and inter-party processes which led to the recent meeting between the ACDP, CDA, UCDP, NADECO and CDP with regard to "unity talks". This meeting was also attended by several "Christian media" organisations like radio Tygerberg, JOY magazine, Today magazine, which are often closly associated with Christian Action Network - a viciously anti-GLBT fundamentalist group which is headed by Peter Hammond - co-author of 'the Pink Agenda' one of the most hateful anti-gay pieces of junk-science and propaganda we have seen so far in SA.

In the Facebook post Douglas alleges that "Dr Peter Hammond from the organisation Africa Christian Action and Mr Errol Naidoo from the Family Policy Institute approached the ACDP and other Christian political parties at the end of the year [2008] to arrange talks around unity towards the election." "We have been engaged in talks with many Christian leaders around the country for many months on unity among Christian parties" said Douglas. Another troublesome worry for GLBT is the fact that COPE has also appointed a Bishop as its presidential candidate, raising concerns of yet more alliances following the April election.
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Despite the theocratic ambitons of all the parties reported to have attended, this meeting descended into a mud-slinging match mainly between the ACDP and CDA who each seemed keen to assert their own authority and leadership and to not take a second seat to the other. Judging by the content of the rambling letter, accusations about who left which party and who betrayed who - and facetious claims of which parties represent 'better christians' and who are more 'ungodly' flew unabound. (Was the pot perhaps calling the kettle black?) Despite assertions that all parties present followed exactly the same policies and despite their eagerness to persecute those they deem 'morally reprehensible' and their desire to elevate themselves and their bigoted fanatical brand of religion above everybody else in this country - they just could not agree on who should lead this new as yet theoretical religious super-party. But in reading this letter, several things became clear to me.

If these radical fundamentalist parties ever do one day put aside their differences, SA will be in even bigger trouble than it has faced under the current corrupt and inept administration. However bad it may have been under a party not interested in standing in favor of human rights, at least the current ruling party has not actually turned against freedom of expression, marriage equality or a guarantee of euqality for GLBT in the Constitution. A theocratic government run by bloody-minded bastards intent on revoking equality for people whom they determine to be suitable scapegoats - will be far, far worse. 

For the past year I have been spreading the word, passing on the news that the fundmentalist parties need only to unite and form alliances and they will be a serious threat to human rights in southern Africa. They want to rule, they want to control SA, they want to rejoin church and state under a "Christian" government. They want to prescribe what we can say, think, do, watch, read and think. Looking at their track records, fighting marriage equality for GLBT, protest campaigns against women's rights, what we can or can't watch on TV, attacking media freedom and just diversity in general - I think you can see exactly what to expect from such a theocracy. Despite every protesting response to queries or comments made to these parties over the past year, this little scrap of evidence plainly shows that this is exactly what they are planning to do.

Lastly - and I have to take both pain and pleasure in saying this: I F***ING WELL TOLD YOU SO!

There are, to my mind, only two things standing in their way - each other - and who YOU vote for.

Make sure it isn't them!


  1. Brilliant! - I wish we could mass disseminate this...

    As gratifying this ‘I told you so' is; it is equally damn depressing, and yes my passport has expired and I am running for the department of home affairs

  2. Hi Christina, do carry on, please - you are a great stimulus for us Christians to pursue our Godly tasks (mass-dissemination is a great idea - you'll be exposing your selfishness further). And keep searching - God will reveal Himself to you, I just hope satan has not blinded you to much to recognise Him.
    You have no right to be so selfish to pursue with your homosexual agenda (and other filthy sins) in a society which (albeit mostly non-Christian) overwhelmingly rejects it - what you chose to do in private you'll have to answer for when you bow before Jesus at the final judgement, but please don't pollute the world with it.
    Jesus loves you.
    Thinus Oosthuizen

  3. Oh so AEMS does have a name after all...

    Well Thinus, if Jesus loves me, shouldn't you too? Of course that would mean you would have to be nice to me and stop threatening to take away my equality and free will and dignity and other nice-to-haves you take for granted. But you would never do that, would you - you'd have to stop being a hypocrite for that.

    My, you mention this "homosexual agenda" so much I see I was right in thinking you are up to your eyeballs in anti-gay rhetoric. Been reading "the Pink Agenda" have we? Or sipping tea with Peter Hammond?

    Me, selfish? Far be it for a lowly sinner to dispute your claim, but are you not the people bragging in your manifesto about revoking gay rights and equality in SA? For every finger you point at us there are at least four pointing back your way.

    You want to talk about rights? I have no right? Well, if you get your way I probably won't - but hey, let's see what happens next month in the elections, shall we? What makes you think YOU have any right to tell me how to live if I harm nobody - least of all self-righteous self-opinionated bigots?

    "filthy sins" my, my - aren't we self-righteous. Have a bath in holier-than-thou water today, did we? I believe according to your hate manual that all sins are equal - apparently more so than you believe in the case of people. And you have yet to prove a single thing - including sexual orientation being a "sin" - or for that matter a greater sin than your obvious pride and arrogance. Yet you persist in spreading vicious lies against innocent people. How noble of you.

    "You hypocrite - first remove the log from your own eye before removing the splinter from your brothers eye!" Sound familiar?

    "God says this", "Jesus says that". How do you know? How do WE know? Let your god speak for himself. Do not put words in his mouth. You got a red phone to god in your pocket?

    And you sully the image of Christ by ending off a message of hate expressed by you in his name by claiming that he - and you - love me, when it is plain that you are full of venom.

    Hiissssssss ;)