Saturday, March 21, 2009

What Goes Around, Goes Around

I have often wondered why it is that some Christians have this annoying drive to spread the news about their religion by pestering and annoying other people. You don't see troupes of Muslims or Hindus hitting a neighbourhood near you and going door to door "spreading the word". Well, aside from the usual Jehovah's Witnesses passing by on a regular basis, annoying as they are (they know by now to skip my door), recently I have started seeing "regular Christians" taking up this tactic as well. This morning in fact I was awoken by a knocking without the door only to find a father and son couple attempting to enthusiastically hand me a (full colour nogal) leaflet through my security gate announcing a "memorial service for the late Jesus Christ". Not only are these (undoubtedly) well-meaning folk only about two thousand years too late, but these smiling, beaming and suited folk also claim theirs is the "one true faith" and that nobody else - especially Jehovah's Witnesses - has it right. 

Now, while I may agree on the point about JW's - as a former Methodist who spent 34 years of my life believing in a god who I never saw, heard or experienced anything about - except in the hearsay and corrupted religious books shoved into my hands (or occasionally used to beat me over the head with) - or from people who sounded uncannily like the scarily lifelike characters in Stargate chanting "hallowed are the Aurii" - I cannot see how ANYBODY can be that SURE about their faith. Nor do I see any compelling evidence or reason to chuck up my worldly existence and follow them.

As an agnostic I cannot see how anybody can know certainly, beyond any shadow of a doubt that there is a god, or to claim which god it is that exists - and to point fingers at other people and tell them they have it all wrong.

Come on.

Can you imagine me as an agnostic going around hanging on people's bells at 9am on a saturday morning, telling them the "goodnews" that I don't believe in any particular god, having not seen or heard anything from Him/Her or It and how wonderful it is to not know if there is a god or not and perhaps pointing out the home truth that they really do not know either?

Or standing in a public street every saturday morning (without so much as a permit) behind a bullhorn bellowing at people to tell them THEY are in the wrong and that THEY should spend more time in MY church!

What unbelievable hypocrisy and arrogance!

Why can these nice fundamentalist folk not do like the wonderful loving Christians I have had the priviledge of associating with, who concern themselves with the welfare of their own souls rather than making choices for other people and trying to deny others the god-given right to free will which they are apparently quite content to exercise?

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  1. "I have often wondered why it is that some Christians have this annoying drive to spread the news about their religion by pestering and annoying other people."

    The reason is that they actually listened to the message, which is the good news of God's kingdom.

    I would suggest that you do that too.

  2. Sorry, I have always resisted the urge to be a mindless lemming...

    All they did was to read a book, not actually witness any of the events in it, nor can anyone produce proof or actual evidence to back it up. Nor can the authenticity of this book in any way be verified.

    I like to think for myself and don't just dance to anybody's tune, especially to those who read a book and now claim to know it all - when they really don't, but intend to reshape the world around them according to what is in it.

    So I would appreciate it if they kept their narrow minded and selfish "news" and views to themselves and let the rest of us get on with our own actual lives.