Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Of Colors And Creeds

What is not to like about equal rights? Equal rights are what give a citizen of a country dignity and the freedom to live life on a par with all other citizens. If you discriminate against the equal rights of GLBTIQ people then how can you claim to support human rights? There is a new discrimination and a new "apartheid" rearing its ugly head in the world today – and it's not based on racism anymore – it is based on sexual orientation – and heterosexism! “Gay is the new Black!” The bigots claim in their articles and blogs ridiculing and condemning gay rights and equality. It may be one of the few instances where they are actually being truthful. It’s not acceptable to sling mud at darker skinned folk anymore – but it is still perfectly acceptable to go to the zoo and throw rocks at the pink flamingoes. How do they somehow not equate racism as being as vile and unacceptable as homophobia?

Supporting equal rights for all does not mean that you have to like all the other groups – but it means you are advanced enough to realize that if you expect other people to respect you and your rights you have to respect theirs in turn. Bigotry is not the way forward. So leave your prejudices at home – or go join one of these narrow minded little partisan "God hates fags" parties like the ACDP instead. 

Equal rights for all citizens should mean just that – EQUAL RIGHTS for ALL. And anything less is not equal. Simple logic. And that to me means no discrimination on the grounds of gender, language, culture, sexual orientation and race. I as a GLBT person fight for the equality of all people, not just GLBT. Why cant others too? Whatever happened to "Strength in Diversity?" Imagine how boring life would be if everybody was White? Or Black? Or gay? Or straight? Or English? Or Xhosa? Or Christian? Or Muslim? 

Yes there were injustices done in SA's past – before our time, by other people. But let's not perpetuate these wrongs by applying them now against each other. Let us say to each other “I have done you no wrong – and you have done me no wrong”. Let's make a new future in this land, here in this time – together, standing in the mutual belief of freedom, liberty and equality and respect. We each want peace and happiness, let that not be at the expense of another's. Let that be our goal. Let that be our creed.

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