Thursday, March 5, 2009

God™ Created Heterosexist Marriage ©

The ongoing debate about same gender marriage is not simply about same gender marriage – it is about the right to co-exist, and to do so freely and equally. I do not see the point in forcing churches or “men of god” into presiding over wedding ceremonies of people whom they may despise. But I do feel that the church has no place in politically opposing the right of people to marry, whether it be civil or religious – or to try to “copyright” the word “marriage”. 

That being said however in general, pastors do not seem to refuse to marry people simply because they don’t like them, if one partner is of a different faith, or for any other commonly known reasons – they do however seem keen to object over the gender of the couple in question. This to my mind is still discrimination, is it not? Nobody wants to have their marriage "blessed" by somebody who obviously views them in contempt and wishes them ill. And by my own opinion, I would sooner marry in a court of law than in such a biased church – to start my marriage off under a cloud of bigotry with a pressing and deep-seated need to wipe my feet upon leaving. However, there are churches that are quite happy to welcome same gender couples and to preside over their wedding ceremonies – and who welcome them into their communities in the love of the living God. And if they choose to, they should be free to do so. 

Prior to the new SA constitution, gay people faced criminal persecution simply for who they were by nature. They were disadvantaged in employment, dismissed from their jobs, evicted from their homes, victimized by security forces and shamed by exploitation in the media simply because of their sexuality. The rise in homophobic political parties taking part in this next election, boasting of their intentions to undo every human rights victory made in the past fifteen years - heralds a potential return to conditions prior to 1994 – or worse. Add to that the statements of some who go so far as to advocate the death penalty “Old Testament style” for people based on their sexuality. And in terms of equality, fairness, justice and doing what is right – whether in the sight of God or man – this is just unacceptable and just plain wrong. 

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  1. Hi Christina, you're getting ever more confusing: If you hate God and Christianity as much as is apparent from your postings, why would you even consider the concept of getting married in a church?
    And why would anybody want to be blessed by God if they choose to oppose His will!
    If pastors refuse (and I say Halleluja) to "marry" (the word can actually not be used here because God instituted the concept of marriage between a MAN and his WIFE - whether you like it or not) same sex couples, it is in obedience to God - yes, He definitely discriminates against anyone blatantly promoting sins - that's why there is hell.
    If pastors hate gays/lesbians, it is wrong, Jesus taught us to love others even when we hate the sins (as He does). He loves us all, sinners all of us, but He requires ongoing repentance - and then forgives.

  2. Dear Aems/Thinus - it seems you are the one who is confused. Nowhere is it apparent that I hate either God or Christianity. Nowhere have I ever claimed to.

    Marriage is a civil and legal aspect of life - and the modern fight over marriage has become a battleground in which religious fundamentalists are claiming marriage as their own domain - forgetting that even they need to apply for a marriage license at the local magistrate's court or dept of Home Affairs.

    And please do not claim that gay people oppose the "will of God" by being gay or wanting to be treated like human beings and to formalize their unions the same way you do - you are not God and you do not speak for God - and after 3000 years of mistranslations and manipulations and blatant inventions, neither do any "scriptures" which attempt to subjugate women to the "authority" of men.

    Why should we wish to get married? Why on earth do heterosexual couples want to get married? What makes you so special?