Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pinning The Tail On The Donkey

How interesting that yesterday I recieved a barrage of cryptic inferences to "my homosexual agenda" and my "selfishness" in promoting it and "threatening civilization" ad absurdum. It seems a couple of 'moral minority' supporters of the ACDC - oops, sorry ACDP - tracked me down and tried to knock me flat with their devastatingly powerful love for gay people. Yes, these nice folks made all sorts of interesting assertions - all of which could easily have come straight out of a fundamentalist gay-hater's textbook. For one thing, they use 'Jesus loves you' like some kind of curse. Surely they should see they sully the image of their Christ by ending off a message of hate expressed by them in his name by claiming that he - and himself - love me, when it is plain that they are full of venom.

Hiissssssss ;)

Me, selfish? For standing up to abuse? Far be it for a lowly sinner to dispute their claim, but are they not the people bragging in their manifesto about revoking gay rights and equality in SA? For every finger they point at us there are at least four pointing back their way. 

"You never were a Christian, because you never accepted Christ as your personal Saviour." One claimed.  Sorry to disappoint you, pal - yes I did. And I believed in a loving Christ up til a year ago when pretenders such as these made me see how much hate they have for innocent people - and I realized what a sick joke their church is globally. Though I am spiritual and consider myself open to a god, I am honest enough (and they should be too) that I do not know who this god is, and I certainly will not let other people - who know as little as I do - try to dictate to me what I should believe about him/her or it. I reserve the right to think for myself and form my on opinions - and to find out for myself who this god is. That is after all the true nature of a 'relationship' with god, is it not? Books written and edited by fellow mortal men do not count as fact or evidence. They prove nothing and so-called biblical "inerrancy" is nothing if not a load of horse manure. How can anything written by mortal men - a large number of mortal men - ever be perfect? Even today space probes crash on Mars because of human made errors in programing, so it seems our fallibilty is as imutable as our sexuality or gender orientation. 

Don't you think it is rich that a person who cannot even tolerate his own brothers and sisters "in Christ" - and chooses to spread vicious lies and to incite more hate against them, supports a theocratic political party that intends to deprive them of their equality - calls himself a Christian - and not even knowing me, denies that I ever was?? 

Of course, as far as these rocket scientists are concerned, I could never be a Christian because I'm gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender - take your pick. I thought membership of this little club was up to God, not his supporters. Perhaps I was wrong? Perhaps St Peter will stop me at pearly gates and say: "sorry you can't go in because the ACDP said so". You never know, he might ;)

""Human rights" are a figment of the human imagination" They say. Yet the concept of human rights essentially echoes what their bible says about treating others as you would be treated yourself - and these folks certainly are not adhering to that because it inconveniences them, doesn't it? It's far nicer to find a minority group you can blame for all your problems that can't fight back or doesn't have a voice to do so.

Sorry to disapoint you folks, but you picked the wrong minority group. We won't just lie down and spread our legs for you. And we have a voice that says: GLBT rights are human rights - and anything less is not equal!

They allege that I "have no right" to stand up to them. Oh, so they want to talk about rights? I have no right? Well, if they get their way I probably won't - but hey, let's see what happens next month in the elections, shall we? What makes them think THEY have any right to tell me how to live if I harm nobody - least of all self-righteous, self-opinionated bigots who shower themselves in holier-than-thou water?

If you cut this issue of gay rights vs religious fudamentalism to the bone, What these nice folks are really saying is: "Not only are you gays a bunch of dirty, depraved sexual deviants and lowly sinners who 'choose' to sin, 'threaten civilization', the church and the precious 'family unit' - but we are going to deprive you of having any rights or protections under law and we will persecute you as you so richly deserve."

What nice folks these people are, claiming with straight faces to be Christians who unconditionally love some deity they have never seen - but also unconditionally hate people they do see.

A fine example of hypocrisy if ever there was one. No matter what I may be today - what they say and do is certainly not the Christianity I was brought up with. Nor of the loving Christ I believed in.

How long can you kick a dog that's down before it turns around and bites you? (Growl).

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