Monday, June 8, 2009

Get Your Own Life - This One's Mine!

It seems that there many instances where various versions of the bible - which is essentially no more than a compilation (incomplete, I might add) of other ancient "books" or codices - which have suffered the incompetence of numerous translation efforts, deliberate changes and omissions - and conspiracies by the Roman Catholic Church to conceal and even promote such inaccuracies. 

Most important of all are the efforts of modern American bible "authorities" which control the worldwide selection, publication and distribution of bible versions today resist the correction of such omissions, changes and other errors as "changing the word of God" - as if the flawed alterations in general use today are really the originals! It seems pretty clear to me that this is as a result of their desire to keep women - and gay and trans people oppressed as the "other" in society. Hmm. I wonder why? The almighty patriarchy hard at work, protecting its own selfish interests? 


Arguing with religious fundamentalist bigots over the so called "inerrancy" (that's not even a recognized word) of their bible is a circular argument - it has been proved very "errant" indeed, let alone improvable and mistranslated - never mind thumb-sucked and censored and manipulated.

In fact, to me (being an agnostic) it seems the only way to prove there is a God is if he were to show up one day, do a short tap-dance with fanfare etceterah and to set about clarifying exactly what he/she or it did or didn't say, what his/her or its' intentions were, exactly what makes him/her or it vomit - and whether or not he/she or it was serious or only joking. To this day, to my admittedly limited knowledge - this has never actually happened - which is why I say EVERYBODY is actually an agnostic, whether they accept it or not - because NOBODY really knows for sure.

And yet despite the evidence which bursts their little bubble, they maintain that they are completely in the right, no matter how much harm they do to other people - justified by their "inerrant" Word of a loving God whom they seem intent on giving a PR makeover as a soul-eating monster who hates his own creations. They tell the rest of us to join them and to "get a life".

No thanks.

I already have a "real life" - which does not consist of trying to force other people to follow my narrow way of thinking based on warm fuzzy feelings I get in church every sunday morning, derived from the ignorant writings of other people who cannot be quizzed on their "wisdom" today precisely because they have been dead for three thousand years and when alive knew even less about the universe around them than even I do.

I don't care what you people believe, or why - that is your choice - but what I do care about is that you try to force me and others to believe what you believe - and inflict destruction upon those who disagree or whom you see as not conforming to your own two-dimensional views.

I am a transgender woman. And my love for someone has never been defined by what is between their thighs. I am free. I have a life. I am happy and whole being me - and being free to be who I am harms nobody. If you are unhappy with others being happy despite you, don't make your problem my problem. Look to your own life, not mine. And if you don't have a life, get your own - don't take the lives of others.

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  1. Dear Christina, I enjoy your good logic. you have a gift to present reality.

    But like me ,though I am also logic & appreciate fair & accurate reasoning, I have the privilidge of a gift of spiritual awareness. I know that Jesus the Messiah exists ... because He has appeared to me several times throughout my lifetime and also before I started researching the bible. I was not involved with church people when Jesus found me, only spent lots of time alone & in nature. I don't go to churches & am quite careful of churchpeople but not afraid of them. I have often rebuked them for their judgementality towards alternative people[gay&trans].
    Jesus[Son of God] told me that He needs me to stand up for His rights against the judgemental lies of the bigots, churches & societies who drive His gay/trans children away from Him by misusing & abusing His Name and messages to threaten gay/trans people. He loves His rainbow children and weeps for them and the crimes done against them.

    My personal experience is that God is real & will reveal Himself in Human form[Jesus]to anyone who really wants to meet Him. He is humble & kind.

    I have a friend who was born in a female body but had gender change op. and is know a beautiful guy happily married to a woman & they both believe in Jesus.

    A lot of things[most things?], can be measured with good accurate logic, even spiritual things.

    Cheers till next time.

  2. Hi there,

    I feel perhaps we are allies in this fight against hatred and false prophets. Truth is, I am so tired of religion, it is all focused on a book I can't trust because of all the reasons I have given countless times in this blog.

    Arguing with people so blinded by hatred who wouldn't know a loving God if he kicked them in the ass is really almost a pointless exercise.

    I trust my heart and my conscience and know I am doing the right thing. And it certainly challenges a persons own faith when somebody comes to destroy your life in the name of the same God you talk to every day.

    I hope today's post suits you better ;)