Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Million Drums

The ACDP is making a lot of noise consolidating and enlarging it's power base, which was all but decimated in the April 22 elections. The DA has thankfully broken the tenuous alliance they had formed with them in order to form an opposition to the ANC in the Western Cape province some years before, and now they are well and truly out of power and on their own. 

Far from giving up on the fight to take power, institute a theonomy and turn the gay community in South Africa into criminals and fugitives as they were before 1994 - they are now trying to drum up support for their daunting climb from the dark and stifling basement they hatch their schemes in, to the dizzy heights of the steps of Parliament in 2014. At least, that is what they are aiming at.

Realistically I cannot see them ever succeeding - not as long as they stay small and insignificant - and as long as there are still good people left in this country who will not waste their votes on a party intent on abusing human rights with any power it gets behind it. Nevertheless, if they are in any way discouraged, they are not showing it. Shocked at the outcome of the elections, yes, but not giving up. It is almost admirable of them to keep plotting, scheming and campaigning, talking of forming new alliances between their ACDP (and other smaller Christian fundamentalist parties. It reminds me of the old saying about rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic (and we all know what happened to the Titanic). I feel pressed to point out that nothing + zero still equals well, let's see - nothing?

Do not be misled by my lighthearted talk of these hard-line gay-haters. They are small, yes, ridiculous even - but they really do hate us - as evidenced by the debates on their Facebook groups in which they expressed such contempt and revulsion for the pink community, some of them even going so far as to advocate the use of the death penalty as "punishment for being gay"! While more moderate elements in these groups have criticized such a drastic approach in recent times after the elections, even openly stating that this revalation was enough for them to cease supporting these parties - and that their open hatred was the reason for not voting for them. They want to know what happened to their supporters and ask why Christians did not vote for them? That's why.

Whoomp - there it is.

On the other hand, many of these same elements still show a manifest ignorance of the pink community and its issues - and agree that in their view being gay is "wrong" and still express agreement in general with the laws the party wishes to institute in order to re-criminalize any diverse gender or sexual conditions other than heterosexuality - and to strip any provisions for our equality before the law from the SA Constitution.

As said before, these are small groups - but even a small threat can bring down the house it we are careless and ignore it. As with any cancer, their hate - if unchecked - can grow roots and spread to destroy the whole body.

In their post election frenzy to regroup, many of them are saying interesting things along the way. At any rate, they are most certainly dazed and confused as the saying goes, asking "what happened?" Some blame their loss of more than half their support and half their seats in Parliament (from 6 to 3) on the pink community for "corrupting" their Christian supporters resolve by exposing their hatred to public view. Others blame it on God, saying he is somehow "testing" them.

As for me, I would say that if there is a God, then he has a sense of fair play, justice, irony - and most definitely a sense of humor. Sometimes I have to wonder about the fair play, but never the sense of humor.

These days the most prevalent opinion in that camp seems to be something like the quote below, taken from one of the ACDP Facebook group walls (1 Million People say: "Yes I'm Voting ACDP."): "An ACDP government would put out the fire of immorality that has engulfed the Republic. It is the extinguisher South Africa needs to be put back on the road of righteousness!"

Hmm. You know what I think? I think the ACDP as a government would also extinguish all freedom, independent thought, personal liberty - and quality of life in the country. That's what I think.

You claim to desire morality and yet the ACDP revels in inciting hatred and persecution against a law abiding, peace loving portion of the population of this country. How "moral" is that?

Let SA decide for itself what it needs and whether or not it agrees with your narrowminded conservatism and religious fanaticism - oh wait, we already did that on April 22 2009.

Which reminds me - hows that 1 million coming, choppers?

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  1. Dear Christina, I have it on my heart to say this to you. . it is a comfort & encouragement that there is someone as brave as you, not afraid to stand up against the condemnations. I know it is risky.
    I also left a comment on 9June post.