Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vicious Circles And How The Wheel Turns

Gay-haters claim GLBTI are less than one percent of the total population (when worldwide stats seem to place us conservatively at TEN percent (based on estimates of the KNOWN out pink population)) and object to having "their rights" placed secondary to a minority. Funny that a bunch of fags gaining legal equality with them will make them feel less than equal? How does that work again?

Isn't it strange the way some people reason? You can almost taste the irony in the air when people justify their actions by saying it was necessary to kill a hundred in order to save a thousand? Isn't that called rationalisation? Particularly when you really have to wonder what it is they are trying to "save" people from? It certainly makes me wonder about the way they think - their motives, reasoning and whether or not they have any conscience at all? After all, how many innocent victims of their hate does it take before it becomes wrong?

For us, one is already too many. For them, a thousand is not enough.

Which is why more of us need to take an interest in our affairs, get involved in all aspects of society and help give us a louder voice in society and politics. Otherwise we face the human rights catastrophe like Uganda and Iraq - where there was no pink voice to oppose the rise of the fanatics and to stifle the persecution of gay and trans people there over the past ten terrible years. In that place, genocide is never very far away... and one wonders how long the rest of the world - AND SOUTH AFRICA - will stand by looking on in silence while happily continuing to do business with such governments.

Many people point fingers at others to shift attention away from themselves - one has to wonder about so many of the virulently venomous crusaders at the front of the war on gay people. Surely such champion defenders of the faith and persecutors of the pink masses must have some kind of personal issues in order to target innocent people so viciously and without mercy? There is the old saying that people make the most noise inside a closet. And perhaps "methinks the 'laddies' protest too much" fits in there somewhere as well.

They seem to need a handy scapegoat in order to rise to power, to hold on to it - and they choose us primarily because we are probably the smallest minority in the human race, and because they have already tried racism on Blacks and Jews - and got their fingers burned. Few organizations in the world today make use of racist rhetoric in the manner the Nazis did, but there are many groups using the same methods in attacking gay and trans people openly today, based solely on their being gay or trans - and thus different to them. Ironically many of these same groups display precisely the same mindset and even use similar tactics to attack the pink community.

They seem to think that neither we (nor anyone else) will rise to defend our humanity. Boy, are we proving them wrong.

A few years ago they tried to prevent us from attaining marriage equality in SA. They marched in protest and defamed ordinary decent people in the press and media, echoing the nauseating rhetoric used by their allies in the USA. The response, in terms of support - overwhelmed their campaign of hate. This year they campaigned and electioneered to strip our equality from the SA constitution if they gained any power - and not only did they not win anything, they lost half their power base (and Parliamentary seats) because of their latent and visible hatred. If anything, their bitter defeat can be compared to a thumb-tack being nailed with a sledge-hammer.

Not that such an overwhelming "NO" from the electorate would disccuade them. Nope, they are still at it, plotting and scheming in their dark basements, online on Facebook and in their church circles - working on a comeback plan for 2011 by-elections and the next general election in 2014.

Ah, back to the beginning again, round and round the vicious circle we go.

They claim that after the next five years of ANC rule under the Zuma presidency, the electorate will flock to the door of the ACDP for "Christian guidance", because only the ACDP can "rule wisely and bring morality back to SA" and "show the appropriate respect to its citizens".

Hmm. If that is true, then why does the ACDP base all the things it promises on the removal of human rights and revocation of equality for specific groups of citizens of this country? How can acts of injustice ever be just?

Yes, I am sure the ACDP will show lots of respect to the people it will strip of such rights by indulging its sick fantasies of Christianist supremacy on them, while persecuting and oppressing the scapegoats it chose as the fall-guys for their climb to power - the gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender and intersex.

Like the Nazis used the Jews and gypsies (and ironically the pink community as well) as scapegoats for their problems, so the religious right dominionist movement has chosen us to be their victims - and vehicles for their self-glorifying ascent to power.

Oh I don't know. I don't like having Zuma as a president, I didn't vote for him - he's a homphobe too - but at least he doesnt seem too concerned about acting God as these fundamentalists do. And it must be pointed out that far from ruining everything just yet, he's actually not doing too badly so far for somebody without a high-school education.

I'm surprised these fundamentalist folk don't like him - apparently he's a pastor as well as president of the ANC and South Africa - and the man who put same gender marriage on the bargaining table to win fundamentalist votes a month before the election. I thought they would be happy rubbing out that pesky little line dividing church and state?

However I must point out that even though I don't like Zuma (or the ANC) - I would prefer a hundred Zumas as president of SA to one of their Meshoes and the ACDP if it means opposing the homophobia, terrorism and potential genocide their party represents.

They spread false information as "gospel" truth and make us out to be such horrible things, make people up against us - and then point fingers all innocent like, as if WE are the ones spewing hate - or as if we are the ones who started this lovely thing their heroes and friends call "the war against homosexuality". While all this is going on, they straighten their halo's and claim to "love the sinner" and "hate the sin", that they do not hate gay people - but hate our "gayness". I wonder how it is possible to hate what somebody is without hating the person? After all, they cannot frog-march one down the church aisle and out the door without the other.

Tell me truthfully now, people - what have gay or trans people ever done to you personally that you should harbor so much hate against them?

Oh, that's right - you say you don't hate them? No of course not - that is why you make them out to be evil, anti-god, not "true" Christians, unfit to belong beside your royal self in society, pedophiles, "christophobes" (LOL), perverts who "choose" to "sin", demon possessed, enemies of civilization and "the family" whose need for equal civil rights and protection against undue hatred and crime amounts to "special rights" somehow "above" your own - and who should be tortured to "make them straight".

Yes, I can see how you love gay people. Bravo. My mistake - how could I ever have mistaken you for a gay-hater?

Seems like some things happen in circles, and sometimes vicious ones.

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