Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rotten Fruit

Since the "ex-gay" industry recently lost one of its most famous cornerstones - a book written thirty years ago called "Homosexuality in Perspective", in which the founding principles of this multi-million dollar hate-industry were laid out using "case studies" - now revealed in a new book called "Masters of Sex" to have been wholly fictitious and falsified, fundamentalist gay-haters are now changing their rhetoric to suit circumstances.

For the past twenty years or more, these groups have ignored and opposed the findings of every reputable mental health institute around the world which opposed "reparitive therapy" and who asserted that it was ineffective and that a persons sexuality or gender identity are not mental disorders which can or should be treated or changed, and that to do so is harmful to the individuals concerned. It is books such as "Homosexuality in Perspective" which they used to substantiate their argument. That cornerstone in the foundations of their industry has now only just crumbled to dust in the light of day.

You would think that the shattering revelation that their industry is invalid and damaging to innocent people would open their eyes to their own flaws and instil a sense of shame and guilt for their complicity in ruining and even ending so many lives. You would expect at least a modicum of foot shuffling and embarrassment on their part - or at least a sign, one tiny sign - of a troubled conscience. But no, now they stop using such vaunted literature written by self-proclaimed "experts" on homosexuality and say "God does not change people using “reparative therapy”. He changes hearts, and when the heart is changed, you see lasting results - where with “Reparative TherapyI have heard of some people supposedly "cured" who have returned to their former lifestyle. By their fruits you will know them!"


A person is born gay or transgender - and God is going to say "oops - let me make you straight" and pull out a vice-grip and a crowbar?

I am sure the Roman Catholic Church tried very hard to get left handed people to pray away their demons and become right handed as well - but apparently being burned at the stake wasn't enough of a deterrent to teach gay people to be straight either. I am rather surprised that there haven't been any Christian groups at the Berlin zoo to pray their now famed gay penguin couple straight. (The chick they adopted and are raising as their own doesn't seem to mind that they say he is likely to turn out gay himself now, or that he will put other penguin chicks at risk of being sexually molested).That is the whole point, my bigoted friend - in case you have missed it - "reparitive therapy" DOESN'T work. "Supposedly cured" is dead on the money. And natural sexuality or gender identity is not a disorder - and therefore (logically) what isn't a disorder doesn't require a "cure". (The jury is still out in that regard on bigotry and homophobia though).

For some time they have relied on works such as this vile book to justify their assertions that gay people can change their sexuality - because look - these two sexologists proved it. Aside from the piles of evidence staring them in the face proving that people are born gay or trans and not a result of poor parenting, molestation, perversion - or anything other than NATURAL, their main motive for destroying the lives of otherwise happy gay and trans people and turning them into broken shadows of their former selves - were purely based upon religious bigotry. Today they have NOTHING scientific to justify their hatred and intolerence, NOTHING at all. So once again, they are left clinging to their religious bigotry, with nothing else to point at but their holy books, which themselves are ambiguous, give no clear answer on the subject - and (like sexuality) can be interpreted both ways.

Given the fact that there is no choice in being born gay or trans, and given the ambiguity in their scriptures surrounding gay and trans people, one really has to wonder why some CHOOSE to hate us so vehemently.

"By their fruits you will know them" - you mean how we know people like you by your fruits? Arrogance, hatred, intolerance, willful ignorance, cruelty, persecution, oppression?

Yes - we know you all right.

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