Tuesday, June 9, 2009

True = False

There are many loving Christians out there who happen to love and befriend gay and trans people and support and accept them without seeing any kind of conflict of interests in this. They love God and they love their fellow human beings as they believe their God taught them to. These are people in whom one can believe you can see the nature of a loving father God shining through.

Considering this, isn't it somewhat ironic that there are people who claim to worship the same deity, read the same holy books and also claim to be Christians - who paradoxically hate gay people and try their level best to destroy them in the name of this same God? In the same breath many of these people also claim that others who show love and tolerance to gay people - or stand against their acts of hatred against them - cannot be "true" Christians... I find this rather an interesting proposal.

Don't you?

In short, it seems these odd people believe that they are "true" Christians because of their undeniable choice - call it a need if you want - to hate others, while those who love others are accused of being "confused" and "misled" and "wrong".

Is this strange reversal of the generally accepted concept of moral values not a complete juxtaposition of good and evil? Does this not mean that those who claim to represent and stand for "good" - are in fact doing the opposite? Black = white, good = evil, and so on? I recall something in their "good book" about "by their fruits shall you know them". If opression, words and deeds of hate and assorted crimes against humanity are indeed fruits, they certainly tell a tale of wolves in sheep's clothing - these being wolves in the proverbial fold.

It seems to me that those who claim to be "true" and "bible believing" Christians and yet spend all their time and energy spreading unhappiness and hatred for others - and are themselves consumed by it - are by the very definition of the term - false prophets.

These are people who could do far more for advancing any 'kingdom of God' by showing love and bringing joy and peace which passes understanding etcetera to others. Instead, these "Christian" fascists preach God's love solely for those who seek the destruction of others and who prepare the gutters of the world to flow with the blood of the innocent.

It makes me wonder about the true nature of this apparently schizophrenic religion, whose principles and paranoia permeate every level of society and modern civilization, building them up - while simultaneously threatening to destroy everything in blazing cataclysm of hate.

And yet I see far more of the loving compassionate believers in the world today than the fanatic literalists who go wonko over every little thing they can find to point fingers at and cry "thou shalt not..." Far more who show love than those who glory in hate. They are the embodiment of the love referred to in their holy books, being 'instruments of His peace'. They are people who show others the light, unlike those who snatch it back and instead offer the tip of a sword.

And they are the ones who offer us hope.

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  1. Hallo Christina, I'm travling a bit & was a bit out of touch with i.net. I read your answer on my last comment, thanks , lovely & believe me I understand what you mean , I have had the same happening to me .. was humiliated & threatened out of 4 christian churches I tried to attend, only because I wouldn't keep quiet when they condemned gay people. Yes girl we are on the same side. Love this post of yours!