Monday, June 29, 2009

Honey, I Shrunk The Bigots

Some bigots have on several occasions on a known anti-gay hate group site claimed that I am persecuting "true" Christians. Note that they clearly distinguish themselves from the vast majority of Christians which include my straight Christian friends and family - who love and accept gay and trans people for who they are - and who support me in my efforts. Why people who claim to love and serve God cannot live like like they claim to is quite beyond reason - and excuse. " are just as bias as the rest of us !!" they rant.

Oh, the pot tries to make me look like a kettle so that it can call me black?

Bias does not have the same meaning as what I think they mean here. Let me help you right - "biased" means being on a particular side of an argument. If by meaning I am resisting the prejudice of people such as them in persecuting innocent people - then I am indeed biased against them. I am however not prejudiced against Christians in general - and while I may biased against their hatred of me and my kind - I AM MOST CERTAINLY NOT A BIGOT - I just frustrate the bigots who masquerade as Christians.

They wonder why I have not targeted Muslim groups in South Africa for discriminating against the pink community. Funny enough, in general the Muslims in this country are not organizing and campaigning to wage war on innocent people and minorities in South Africa - but a small (emphasis on SMALL) minority of fundementalist Christian fanatics are - and they are not even ashamed enough of the fact to do it in secret.

I know and have worked with a few Muslims who have never said one nasty word to me and embraced me as a fellow human being, an equal, while many (not all) so-called "born-again Christians" have badgered me, made death threats and belittled me (along with their God) both publicly and in private.

They continue to refuse to accept concrete evidence and empirical studies which should educate them if they had the will to be educated. Instead they choose ignorance in order to continue hating because they so love to hate us. Stay ignorant then, folks - but whatever you believe, I see no logical reason for you to persecute other people - except of course that you do indeed hate them and all they are.

Christ never commissioned those who love and follow him to hate - or to act in hateful ways against other people (or to take over any country's government in order to do so on a macro scale) - which by definition is very YOU. If you hate or assist in persecuting gay or trans people and also call yourself a "true Christian" you are sadly mistaken.

I would love to understand how they see standing up to persecution as "persecution", but it may require a downgrade in mental ability to accomplish.

And since you have been uttering and inciting hatred against innocent people and campaigning for their persecution - please do not insult our intelligence by trying to play the victim here. You are the aggressors - and you do not even have the courage or sense of honor to own up to your convictions, but try to shift the blame to your victims. What they are effectively saying about their "culture war" on diversity is: "It's not OUR fault we're fighting and oppressing them - it's THEIR fault for being gay".

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I'm not at all surprised by this attitude, not even at the personal attack by an old man I call "Grandpa Biogt" whom I quoted below:

"Tell me, Chris, (he calls me 'Chris' because he thinks it was my old male name - isn't that sweet?) how do you maintain your "female" body - do you take hormones and what happens if you stop? If you do, then are you addicted to unnatural drugs? (synthetically created estrogen and other chemicals)"

How do you maintain that pretense of "Christianity", I wonder? - I guess you read that bible of yours cover to cover every day - not actually reading the lines in there - but reading between them, where you see all your demons and monsters and develop your twisted ideology of hatred of innocent people who have done you and those like you no harm whatever.

Then I suppose you do some practice finger-pointing, getting that wave of the finger just right, while matching the curl of your lips to the words "thou shalt not..." and "it is written..."? I suppose you spend a lot of time looking in the mirror getting that disapproving frown just so - while imagining it makes you look pious and sooo dignified.

I suppose you think God is watching you from some other dimension, nodding with keen approval at your actions and words, your thoughts and intentions? Well, I think if he is watching you, he is probably not very happy watching you gleefully pave the way to hell for other people with your false piety and your clear hatred and contempt for those whom he told you to love as yourself.

Tell me, Grandpa Bigot, how do you maintain your body - do you take blood pressure tablets or cholesterol pills or heart pills?

What happens if you stop? (duh)

If you do, then are you addicted to unnatural drugs? (synthetically created chemical compounds and medicines)?

- What a perfectly idiotic line of reasoning.

Personal attacks on me will make no difference, honey - firstly, neither you nor your hate can reach me, secondly - you can't out-bitch me - and lastly, they make you look even smaller than you are already.

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