Thursday, June 25, 2009

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

There are many Christians who love and support gay and transgender people. What boggles the mind is that a minority group also calling themselves Christians attacks both gay people and the Christians who love and support them. These are usually the kind of people who claim that gay and trans people cannot be "true" Christians - and the same for the Christians who oppose them.

Which brings to mind a simple question: Does hating gay people make one a "true" Christian? It is astonishing to note that many people feel that it does - even though they often lack the courage to put it in those exact words. In fact, they even claim to act out of "love" for us.

Whatever - in the end that's what it comes down to.

Acting against somebody - whatever the motive - in such a way that results in discrimination, incitement of hatred, and acts of violence (whether physical or spiritual) that either threatens or achieves their destruction - has the same result. I am hard pressed to accept that any such motives can possibly resembe anything akin to actual "love".

While there are people on FB that are religious and who support the equality and humanity of gay people, I am sure they are quite bright enough to tell the difference between themselves and people I clearly describe as "bigots" and "gay-haters" (I hope that these good people do not take offense when reading my blog). The two are obviously not always the same thing - and certainly not in the majority - otherwise the events taking place in Iraq today would be commonplace the world over, with gay people being executed by death squads and even publicly tortured to death in unspeakable ways.

Christianity is in danger of being hijacked by people out of hatred and intolerance - by people who will not even listen to the cries of their victims, let alone own up to their guilt.

These groupings regularly incite hatred and derogate our dignity by making statements in the media against the pink community, calling us "perverts', "deviants", "threats to civilization", "threats to 'the family'" - and to "THEIR" religion. They then compound this insult by blaming their unprovoked and vicious campaigning against our equality on US as well by claiming that they are "defending against" our "attack on freedom of religion" and "THEIR" faith simply by being gay or transgender - presumably just to defy them!

I think Facebook is exactly the right medium to show up bigots and their hate for what they are. After all, they use it to express hate that reaches around the world - and we use it to show the world their hate and its effects for what they are. It seems to me that such people are very far indeed from the God and the Christ they claim to serve who commanded them to "love one another as I have loved you". In short, they are false prophets seeking their own glory through our destruction.

IMHO if this God supported them in this, they would have triumphed long ago - instead they are reduced to conspiring in dark corners after a sound defeat in the recent elections both here and in the USA.

They ask where they went wrong - and it is here:

"If God be for us, who can stand against us?" and "How can you claim to love god whom you haven't seen, yet hate your brother whom you have seen?"

Obviously God does not side with liars, hypocrites, bigots and those who would bring about our end through genocide if they could manage it.

Clearly they need to look at their own lives and relations with God before pointing fingers at anyone else. I doubt they will very much like what they will find. Which to my mind is exactly why they invent reasons to look outward instead of inward - at their own flaws - why they choose to believe it is because we are still here, facing up to them. Some clearly feel that they have not hated or persecuted us hard enough in order to triumph over us.

It seems at the moment the pink community is enjoying a lull in the "culture war" because all the bigot groups in SA are focussing on the government intitative to legalize prostitution - and the bigots perpetual obsession with abortion. I suppose we should enjoy this while it lasts because once that is dealt with, one way or the other, they will turn their attention back to us again.

They see no wrong in attacking other people and making all-out war on them just because they happen to live outside their own narrow view of life and won't see things their way. They abuse the face of a loving God to inflict harm on us, and to justify what is essentially becoming a slow global genocide.

They need to see the error of their ways.

There has to be something - um, fundamentally wrong with people who do not respond to love, or who demonstrate an inability to accept logic or common sense or scientific evidence which counters their rhetoric. Nor do they respond to appeals for tolerance, compassion or mercy from the pink community. I think they should see that their actions have consequences and that we will not lie down for them to continue kicking us while lying at their feet as they have done for ages past.

While I have several loving family members and friends and colleagues who are Christians and who refuse to judge other people, I stand against any religion - or people - or groups that claim to be loving and of a loving god - and then dips their hands in innocent blood and use its holy books and the name of that god to justify it.

I really find it astonishing how so many people claim to know what God hates, what makes God happy - and what makes God vomit. Apparently, according to vocal supporters of CAN, the FPI, CDA and ACDP that is us - the pink community.

Perhaps we should donate them a bucket?


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