Friday, May 29, 2009

Placing Blame

Leading bigots and gay-haters in SA are of the informed opinion that SA's gay movement do not do what the gay movement in the USA does yet - asserting that America's movement is 40 years ahead of us, but that we are learning and catching up.

They may have something there. In SA our leading groups are often silent except to bicker among themselves and try to prevent newer groups from stealing their limelight while they themselves are doing nothing to benefit the pink community. While you may see similar destructive behavior in the UK of late, you certainly do not see this idiocy in the USA. And lastly to disagree with our learned friends, SA has a growing online activist community which is part of the rapidly growing "Stonewall 2.0" movement which sprung into existence in response to the debacle in the USA - now called "Proposition HATE".

Actually these people do not quite grasp that what happened in the USA is now happening here - and has been for over a decade. First, anti-gay groups arose to attack and dehumanize innocent people - and gay people drew together to resist the expression of Man's inhumanity to Man. Groups such as these we have now in SA helped to CREATE the movement they so despise. Now it is happening here in SA, 40 years later - created in response to their own hate.

If you had just left us alone to live alongside you in peace and friendship in the first place, we wouldn't be having silly arguments about who is more human than who, who deserves equality and who doesn't and whose "lifestyle" is "legitimate" - and whose isn't. There would be no hate groups and no civil rights groups to counter them. There would be no "Proposition HATEs".

But still you do not realize that it is your acts of hate and intolerence that gives us more strength to resist you. People will not sit still while you make plans to strip them of their humanity or their equality - and it is rather small of you to actually expect them to.

As long as people like you hate us, we will show you up for your ignorance and inhumanity and we will resist you every step of the way. We will fight you tooth and nail for every drop of our blood as you try to spill it. You can never destroy us, you can never be rid of us. We are part of the same human race, the human genome, the human character - we are your friends, your family, your colleagues, the strangers in the street who smile at you in passing, your teachers, your lawyers, your ministers - we are all around you and among you. We are one family.

You cannot change us, we are fact. The only logical choice open to you is to accept us - for us to live together in mutual understanding, respect and friendship - but you are hardly logical, so people like you will keep hating us and people like us will keep laughing at you and driving you to distraction with our every victory over your evilminded and self-glorifying hunger for power and superiority.

If you are looking to place blame for the rise of the gay rights movement in the USA and here - and in every country where there has been and still is persecution of the pink community - you need only look to yourselves.

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  1. Kudos! That is what I was trying to illustrate to Billy the Baker but you did it far more eloquently. :)