Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Body Count

Some nice people who insist that they don't hate gay people, but rather that they "love gay people enough to point out their faults" at the same time paradoxically insist that the disputable OT biblical law that states gay people should be murdered for "defying god" in being born gay, should be made part of our countries judicial system. This is part of what is known these days as the Dominionist or Reconstructionist movement - or "Kingdom Now Theology". Virtually every religious grouping which uses the word "transformation" this or that in their literature is part of this movement today. They are increasingly gaining power, increasingly involving themselves in politics, their sights set firmly on putting their religious dogma in the driving seat of government, no matter what anybody else thinks or feels about it.

While this interesting view on "Christian love" is an unsurprising character flaw on their part, of dismissing scientific fact and medical evidence vindicating the nature theory and other historical evidence which shows how corrupted and unreliable their so-called "innerrant" scriptures truly are - as "nonsense", they are saying that these experts should refer to their bibles instead - and join them in unjustly condemning gay and trans people to persecution and oppression.

They're absolutely right, of course - all those psychologists, doctors, humanitarians, methodologists, theologians (who happen to disagree with them and trounce their weak-minded childish arguments at every turn), scientists and sociologists know absolutely nothing - in fact, compared to a bunch of camel-dung smoking sheep herders who wrote the book they worship as a god three thousand years ago and who thought the Earth (among other things) was flat, they're just a bunch of idiots. What do they know anyway?

The biggest mistake scientists and experts make is thinking that literalist halfwits could possibly see how wrong they really are and actually stop being literalist halfwits. Perhaps they should have started trying to "convert" gays into straights to demonstrate "true Christian love" for them instead? Or produced "research" like Paul Cameron, dripping in hate and venom directed at gay people and intended to incite further hate and hate crime against them, to prove what loyal blind "Christians" they really are?

I am sure this would make them feel so much better. After all, isn't it a basic need some people have, to feel superior to someone? Even if they are so low down on the social food-chain that the only people they feel superior enough to look down upon is a couple of defenseless queers?

That's what they think.

They don't want to stop hating us, because they like hating so much.

It seems that having an "other" is part of the fabric of their religious process - there must be some group of people for them to unit against, or their tight-knit little community would fall apart at the seams through lack of interest. What, I wonder would happen should they ever run out of "others"? I mean, they already tried to wipe out other religions, the Crusades were far to expensive and dangerous - because the Muslims very nearly turned the tables on them and almost took Europe. So they turned to lesser adversaries they could turn into scapegoats. The Black folk, whom they turned into slaves, but that also backfired because it turned rather messy and made them look bad. Then they targetted the Jews and that turned out even worse for them. Now it seems they have their sights firmly set upon the pink community - a smaller more defenseless minority, easy to separate from their rather schizophrenic religion, mainstream society and culture due to their control over the masses and their religion - and for the last thirty years they have even called it what it is - how they see it - a WAR.

It is quite easy to compare their hatred of gay people and the venting of it to the George Orwell novel "1984" - to how aggression and hatred were controlled and directed towards the enemies of Big Brother. How we are cursed, targetted for hate crimes, hate speech, deprivation of civil rights, made out to be inhuman monsters and not deserving of being treated as fellow and equal human beings. In short, one could easily also draw comparisions between this and the description of genocide and the processes leading up to it, as I have done before in a previous article.

If it were left to people who think like them, as a species we would still be living in caves hiding from animals, waiting for magic fairy dust to fall. These people expect God to clear a path for them to government by wiping away all resistence to their ungodly ambitions, all humanity in their path. And when they fail, as they did in the 2009 elections, and miserably so, they start questioning themselves - were they not "godly enough"? They wonder why so many other followers of their faith did not vote for their parties, but instead for others - "what is wrong with them?" they ask. And as always, it is never their own flaws that come across the table - but always those of others. "It is because we tolerate the sins of others that God has deserted us" is their mantra. How very like the Westboro baptist crowd indeed. Fanatics.

A few years ago some group of nut-jobs in the US blamed the heavy damage done to a city by flooding on the gay people living there. And yet ironically enough, the gay ghetto was the only neighborhood left standing afterwards. Interesting. Fingers are always pointed outwards, instead of inwards. And then they begin making plans for a "comeback" in the next elections in 2014, saying that god is "testing them". And they are so very determined to rule, to take away the god-given equality of others, to lord it over us. And the scary thing to me is that if nobody stands against them, they may well succeed, eventually.

Science showed the world was a sphere when the church demanded that the bible said it was flat. (How many were burned to death as heretics for their troubles?)

Science showed the sun was at the centre of the solar system when the church demanded Earth was at the centre of the solar system - and the universe - and the sun was no more than a lens reflecting the glory of god upon it. And yes, they used the bible to enforce their ignorance.

Only a fool - or someone with sinister ulterior motives - would quote words written by men and claim they were spoken by god. And only a fool would believe all these things rigidly and without question and only a monster would take it further and persecute others using them as weapons.

To me it seems that religion is a lot like a loaded gun in the hands of a child - dangerous, tragic, infuriatingly negligent and irresponsible. About the only variable is the figure attached to the words "body count". What, I wonder, should a responsible state do about protecting all its citizens against such a threat?

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