Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bang! - The Sound Of One Less Mosquito!

Like mosquitoes swarming around an exposed body part, bigots seem to make complete cliché’s of themselves in their crusade of the uneducatedthe quest of the ignorant. One could also draw stark comparisons between bigots and their fellow bloodsuckers. I thought I would include a few insights into the arguments used against us GLBTI advocates in the last while, just for your entertainment (and mine) - and to provide answers to these, while swatting a few bugs.

Let's start with some party politicking:

"Civil Society activism is also not about suggesting to your members who to vote for"

- When your civil rights clearly rest on who is elected, yes it is.

"Separating religion and state has nothing to do with not electing a Reverend to office."

- Yes, it does.

"Many rulers in the past have misused Christianity to fight war, whereas the actual reasons were of pride; promoting themselves."

- you mean like the ANC, ACDP and CDA have been doing by using GLBTI people as scapegoats to gain power?

"A (true) Christian leader has his security in God and his riches mainly in heaven, which comes from helping people."

- Then why do so many "Christian leaders" have private jets at their disposal, syndication deals with TV and radio networks, and business empires valued at billions of dollars resulting from their so-called "ministries"? Curiously, none of them really preaches Christian love, but seem to be curiously intertwined with the conservative right wing groups? And funny enough, not much of that money reaches the poor... Riches, it seems, are its own reward.

"A true Christian leader listens to scientists"

- really? (Let's not get started on this one.) Why then do these "Christian leaders" continually reject scientific evidence to show sexuality is by birth - or to even consider it? The evidence is there - it exists, it was not thumb-sucked. It is as certain as dropping a hammer to see if gravity is real or just a rumor. Perhaps this denial is to cling to the scapegoat they so desperately need to point fingers at in order to inspire unity in their congregations? Interesting thought.

Isn't this what their parties and groups call "a culture war" - more directly referred to as "the war on homosexuality" or even "the WAR for marriage"? It is amazing how keen they are to declare war on people who are clearly in a minority when they seem to think their intended victims have no hope of turning the tables of them or fighting back. It is interesting to note that up until Obama was elected to the US presidency, the right wings war on gay equality had resulted in states overturning recognition of same gender marriage until just one remained – and just a few days ago Maine became the fifth American state to recognize marriage equality for gay people. In South Africa these fundamentalist parties lost so much support in the April Elections, they are all but wiped out. War?

Who’s sorry now?

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