Friday, May 29, 2009

What It's All About

It's been a hectic day. Really hectic. Thought I was going to spend the day in my jammies and slippers watching TV or something, instead I spent yet another day racing around town to attend meetings and other sundry sideshows. Anyways, got another meeting tonight at 530 and I am already exhausted. And I'm supposed to be on leave so I can recover from my really hectic work schedule which seems to be following me relentlessly and not taking no for an answer.

At least next week I will be out of town for my second week of leave - in a place where there is no internet signal. I'm even thinking of leaving my phone off! Sounds more like heaven every time I think of it.

A week spent doing absolutely nothing constructive! When is the last time I sat and played a game on my PC? Lol. And I think my GF and I can sit and watch some DVD's for a change without being interrupted by urgent SMS's or phone calls, perhaps my mom will even join us.

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When you spend all your time and energy fighting for something, no matter how noble and worthwhile, you get tired - and when you reach a certain point you are worn down and ineffective - and possibly even in danger of burning out altogether. A little rest and recreation now and then is just what we need to wind down and regain strength. Time spent with those we love and who love us serves to remind us just why we do what we do. What it is all about - and that it is indeed worth it all in the end.

Making a difference.

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