Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Upside Of Down

Many anti-gay persecutors have the opinion that most scientific and medical evidence that proves gay and trans people are born as naturally as heterosexuals, is based on someone's opinion and not "hard-core facts". "Hard-core facts"? Do they mean like the bible? Or the rantings of people who foam at the mouth while inciting hatred against an inoffensive and un-threatening portion of society? Some facts. At least scientists can show evidence to substantiate their facts.

They back-pedal from the accusations that they hate gay and trans people - arguing that they "love gay people", but "hate the sin" and try to show that pink community are "being hated in the wrong way" - how is there ever a "right" way to hate people? HATE is never right. And I have yet to understand the difference between hating somebody and hating somebody for what he is.

Some bigots say they do not agree with scientific findings that gay and trans people are born gay or trans - nor do they agree that god made them that way - and most of all, they still feel it is a sin to be born gay or trans. All the evidence points against them. And guys, just because you don't believe it and because you think your book says otherwise, does not make the evidence - or our humanity or our right to equality and acceptance - invalid.

Yes, you spread lies and misinformation about how gay people choose to be "sinners" and can "choose to be straight", how AIDS is a "gay disease", how "most gay people are pedophiles" - making them even bigger targets for intolerant bigots - all of whom clearly know zip, squat and jack about sexuality or nature or separating fact from fiction.

And despite this, while you may say you do not hate us - your actions and words and your refusal to accept us and the echoing of the sentiments of those who DO hate us - SHOUTS the opposite. How is that ever "not hate"?

Not that I will lose any sleep over it.

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We've been hated by people for idiotic excuses since the dawn of time, and we're still here. We'll always be here, because we're a part of the human race, just like you are, like it or not. You could wipe out all the gay people you find and try to isolate a group of complete straights for centuries - and out of them within a generation would be born more gay people. We are one and inseparable. You can love us, or you can hate us, but we're not going anywhere - so the sooner you just accept us the sooner we can just get on with our respective lives and do so in peace and friendship instead of spreading misery and spilling blood.

You have to put up with us, but the downside is that we have to put up with you.

Oh - and, hallowed are the Ori.

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