Friday, June 26, 2009

The Hardware Store And Other Stories

Okay folks, this article might a little more graphic than my regular posts, but I feel it is a subject that just has to be addressed - and the arguments provided reveal the kind of mindset we face when dealing with fundamentalist bigots.

Some people presented me with an interesting argument a few days ago, using the apparent design and function of human sexual organs as a reason to "justify" heterosexual sex for procreation only and to question "the legitimacy" of homosexuality and same gender relationships. They focused on the "design" of the penis and vagina and the apparent purpose of these organs as reproductive items - and the anus as solely for disposing of bodily waste. Predictibly, they portrayed heterosexual sex as "dignified" while demeaning any other forms of intimacy in (hetro as well as) same gender couples as "deviant", "perverted" and "disgusting".

Funny, I thought the design of a penis was to give pleasure as well as function - and it works rather well in terms of whatever hole you put it into (including among others, the anal cavity) and even using the services of Mrs palm and her five daughters. And before you even start ranting about procreation being the be-all and end-all of existence and 'sexistence', remember that not all married heterosexual couples can procreate - and that even animals (and even gay animals) have sex for pleasure and for reasons of intimacy - and not just to hear the sound of little feet pattering in the hall.

Following this, the "handyman" as I decided to call this anonymous challenger for reasons which will still become apparent, reluctantly conceded that sex was not solely "intended" for procreation, but also works rather well for physical pleasure.

To further address the blatant bias of their line of thought, consider the location of the male g-spot - the prostate gland - accessible only via the anal cavity. Shows what they know. "Oh", says the "handyman", "I am familiar with the prostrate and its characteristics. Yes it might be the g-spot, but it still does not mean we were supposed to get to it for pleasure purposes via the anus." - Says who, Jack? You got a bible verse to say "thou shalt not stimulate thine partner's prostate gland"?

Makes me wonder why these bigots think their version of God made the male body with a prostate gland that also co-incidentally "just happened" to be a g-spot. No really, have any of you ever stopped to think about that before?

The "handyman" made extensive use of euphimisms using pliers, nails and hammers to illustrate his mechanical - and quite frankly disturbing understanding of human sexuality. Regardless of his attempts, his point - and theirs - is moot. Gay people are born, not made, they exist, they have always existed - and no matter what they try to do about it, they always will exist. And people in loving and intimate relationships will invariably engage in intimacy and sexual acts regardless of whether they have hammers, nails or a few good - um, screws in their tool box.

They have in fact stated no more than the obvious - that functions of sexual organs are for both procreation and intimate pleasure, regardless of how they are used, or by whom.

Which leaves them in a position I am entirely happy to see them in -


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