Saturday, April 18, 2009

Poor Taste In "Men"

Last year a transwoman in the US, 23 year old named Angie Zapata who had not yet completed her transition, was brutally and mercilessly beaten to death by a man she met and entertained at home. According to the police interviewed in a media article at the time, he suspected something was amiss because she hadn't allowed him to touch her genital area and because of some of the pictures in her apartment. When she admitted to him she was transgender and pre-op, this man picked up a fire extinguisher and bludgeoned her over her head with it. She awoke some time later while he was going through her things and he finished her off with the same weapon. Afterwards he left the scene in her vehicle. When arrested by the police he had the arrogance to say to the police that "I killed IT".

Let us put it into perspective. Angie Zapata - much loved by her friends and family as a warm and caring human being - a woman - is dead, brutally slain. Another individual - I shall not call him a "man" because a "man" does not behave like that - is on trial for his crime. And if there is justice in the USA - and I believe there still is - he will pay for his hate crime.

Some sycophant had the gall to post on the CNN blog site while following the trial of this murderous bastard that he agreed completely with the assailant and that the murderer was in fact the "true victim" and that he should recieve a reduced sentence and the family of the "he/she" and "other man" should pay for his counselling for the rest of his life!

I don't know about you folks out there - but to me as a transgender person I can see several things in such a post.

One - total ignorance about the victim. Angie Zapata was a transgender woman, or if you prefer, a transwoman. A transgender person prefers and should be treated with the same measure of respect and dignity as anyone else. A transgender person is not an "IT", nor is a transgender person a "he/she" - refer to us as the gender we present, thank you very much. In short, if we are still (or used to be) genitally male and present as female then refer to us as she, her, and by our gender appropriate name - not as 'he', 'him' and most certainly not "it" - and a high heel stilleto up the ass is an unpleasant experience for most "men".

How can anyone be so cold and cruel as to refer to a fellow human being as "it"? Is his "masculinity" so fragile that he had to kill her? No matter which way you cut it, his reaction was indefensible. I hope the judge and jury bear that in mind. He hit her repeatedly, then looted her apartment. Did he call an ambulance? No? But he did assault her again when he saw she was still alive. No temporary insanity there. Whoops.

Two - a deep seated hatred of the victim and transgender people. "I killed 'it'" he said. And he didnt attack her once, but twice. After the first attack it was not yet homicide - but after the first attack when he heard her moan and sit up he deliberately finished her off.

And then for a person to write things like that in a blog post... What about the complete lack of sympathy for the victim and the family of the victim? And to side with the perpertrator of the crime? I think that speaks for itself. Something is certainly deeply wrong with people like that.

The person who murdered Angie Zapata deserves to have his ass deep-fried - and the ignoramus who made the post on CNN should be hung from his nipples till he drops off.

The only thing Angie Zapata is guilty of in this case, is poor taste in males.

Trans people be warned - if you go on a blind date (or meet somebody in a club)
  • make sure you go places where there are plenty of witnesses.
  • make sure your parents or a friend has your number, knows where you are going and calls you during the date to make sure you are ok
  • meet the date at the venue and make your own travel arrangements.
  • If you need to disclose your trans status to your date make sure you do it there and give them time to absorb this;
  • before meeting them for another date - again in a safe location.
It is sad to say, but there are plenty of retards like that creature who murdered Angie in the world - and worse still, many who would applaud them for it.

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  1. What is most disturbing is transphobia in the lesbian and gay communities - you would think that those who know of the hurt of discrimination would learn a little lesson, but look at the UK group "Stonewall UK"...
    They cater only for LBG and that is it.
    At least it seems the younger generations in countries such as SA have worked through their transphobia.