Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bricks And Mortar

According to Christ, all have sinned, and that includes you and me, and everyone else here on this world. While I am the last person to claim to be perfect, I think it is rather funny how some sinners seem to think they are better than other sinners, innit?

This group of political parties claiming to be Christians supposedly representing all followers of Christ also say they do not hate gay people, but act out of love for us - and that it only SEEMS as if they hate us. Often they even claim we are acting out of hate for them and their religion by daring to stand up to them.

Hmm. Interesting concept.

As for SEEMING to judge people like me, I would say that this is in fact the truth. They are using us as scapegoats to blame issues and problems on in order to rally people to their cause. They are calling for unity in order to combat "moral decay", "corruption" etc - which they are conveniently blaming on us. They have made us out to be an "enemy" to civilization, morality and even Christianity.

They will unite, yes - but at our expense - because it is us against which they are uniting. Any excuse as long as it achieves your goals, huh - for the "greater good"? This poses an interesting question I would like to ask them - tell me, what will happen once you have united, have your Christian government - and now have the obligation to fulfill your gay-hating promises to your constituents?

Our blood is potentially the cement between the bricks of your unity.

It is an old story, "us" and "them". This has all been done before - against the Muslim world (Crusades), the Jews (the Holocaust), the Black folk (Apartheid and US segregation - and in Australia and NZ) and now it is just our turn. After all, who will speak out to defend a bunch of "sexual perverts"?

They forget we have seen what their nice parties are doing. The evidence is all out there. These days they are so bold they don't even bother to clean up after themselves. And I don't have to judge, it's all too easy, made so by these bigots themselves. I don't have to call them prejudiced bigots or homphobes - their own words and actions do that on their own. Their group actions and words are out there, in newspapers, their political manifesto's, The CDA radio and TV ads - the words of people on even this forum and others. And they all smack of hatred so vile one can actually taste it.

And they say I have a plank in my eye? Am I really imagining all that they have said? They assert that some people always cry "hate" when someone disagrees with them. Let's examine this shall we?

What would you call the stripping away of a persons rights, turning him into a criminal and the unbelieveably nasty and untrue things said about him in the media and in public designed to turn more people against him?

How about the opposition to laws which prevent the protection of people against crimes of hate - is it not hateful to allow hate to succeed?

Would "hate" not be an accurate description of such unspeakable acts?

Did I imagine the talk of some promoting the execution of gay people? Some even said as individuals they would not, but only the government would "according to God" have that power - all the while doing their damndest to become the government. Who hasn't heard unadulterated hate and venom in the names they have called gay people and in the lies they have employed to make us out to be the scum of society? The have not even disguised their clearly and publicly stated removal of our rights from the constitution? They openly brag of their campaigns to oppose laws in order to prevent us from being equally protected from hate crime and hate speech? Who can miss the sheer glee evident in the manner in which they point out how much "God hates" people like us?

Come now, some of them might not actually call gays mean names or even swear at them - they just say "we love you - but we're still going to take away all your rights and equality and make you into a criminal."


The truth is, that in seeing the policies of these parties which will in fact oppress and demean a social minority - which does them no harm by the way - people who really do not agree with this would not support them. But yet they do - which indicates that they are in full agreement with this abomination. And therefore I feel my standing up to them is justified. And very, very necessary.

Some of these nice folks claim they have GLBT friends and family and how much they love them, and "offer to 'help' them"? What is that? What kind of "help" do they offer their gay friends and family? Acceptance would be good, for one, but I doubt that is what they mean. "Ex-gay therapy" perhaps? "God loves you as you are - there is no need to change, but if you don't you will go to hell!" Come on. Their duplicitious support of such parties in the light of their supposed friendship to GLBT is in fact a contradiction in terms and an insult to these "friends".

Yes, I heard their "love" in the radio ad last week and in the TV ad today. I wonder, did the Christian Democratic Alliance get many more gay hating "true Christians" to swell their ranks because of it?

I find it rather ironic that gay hating bible-thumpers who lower their living god to the status of a mere book can find it in them to call me "prejudiced" and say I have a chip on my shoulder!

I do not "just want to fight" - a year ago I didn't even care about politics! But these people want to make me into a second class citizen - and they seriously can't expect me to just shrug and take it lying down?

They argue against the existence of GLBT and the validity of our need to marry our partners as they do by constantly referring back to that jaded point of procreation. They claim that procreating and popping out swarms of kiddies is the be all and end all of existence and also marriage.

They claim that a gay man cannot have a child and be a dad and that any children in a same gender marriage would be adopted. Talk about ignorant!

Ok then, how about those gay men who have had children from previous relationships with women? It happens far more than people like them actually bother to think about. And it really messes with their heads, because they also as a rule overlook the MANY straight couples who also cannot have children because of medical infertility - and yet they do not argue against their marriage or adoption rights - nor decry their sexual activity (for non-procreative purposes, naturally).

And yes, this really is the level of ignorance we are facing out there folks. How can we ever expect these people to stop hating us if they go on fearing us out of ignorance. And yet they remain ignorant because they think they already know all they need to know about us. Talk about a vicious circle.

It is for this reason that in their ignorance (and hate) they claim that when we argue against their narrow minded and literalist misinterpretations of what they call "God;s Word" that we are arguing not against them - but against God himself.

No, I am arguing against YOU - for such as you are perverting the truth, including your vaunted and fallible humanly written, edited and manipulated "word of god" which is clearly open to interpretation and misinterpretation. It has been used as a weapon for so long on the principle of "Control the Bible and you control Christianity" that I doubt we will ever get the blood stains out of it.

The truth is that nobody is wise enough to completely understand God - yet these others are naively and falsely claiming that they do, reducing their Living God to a mere book. Even more hypocritically so, some claim "God says..." and "God hates..." having a red phone to the Big Man in their pockets.

This God they use as a blunt instrument will probably forgive them for their hate and for inciting it against people who have done neither them nor he any harm - and in his name too.

What does their manual say about "false prophets"? That's right, it may have a picture of those nice bigot folk in there somewhere too.

God is supposed to be omnipotent and not in need of grains of sand to fight his battles for him. Believe me, if he hates anyone, he will be sure to act against them on his own and will not need puny minions to form armies in his name and to wage war on the weak and defenseless.

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