Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gun Crime And The Scourge Of Pink Dinosaurs

Last night I read a news article on Pinknews about some bright spark who has claimed in a press release that there is a direct link between the gay rights movement and gun crime.

Gay rights are responsible for gun crime?


Apparently this man, a certain Robert Peters - called a "morality campaigner" - is the president of Morality in Media, an organization founded in the early 1960's to "combat pornography". Apparently in its latest crusades it has tried to ban "Cosmopolitan" magazine from store shelves and started (yet another) frivilous 'wear-a-ribbon-for...' campaign against pornography. I'm sorry, but that is just sooo nineties. If this keeps up, bored conservative housewives will have different ribbons for every day of the week.

My, my - what a worthwhile calling, truly noble. Save the endangered "Moral-osaurus", people - it is dying out! Where can I buy a ticket? I want to watch. Get real, folks.

Apparently Peters claims that the recent decision of the Iowa Supreme Court to legalize gay marriage in the state is part of the "damage" inflicted on society which is leading to paedophilia and STDs, among others. Funny, I thought pedophilia was a separate issue from homosexuality, considering the recent scientific study which found it was primarily a heterosexual affliction. And are STD's not freely available to anybody, regardless of whether or not you are GLBT or heterosexual - or even have sex at all? HIV/AIDS doesn't care if youre gay straight, black, white, pink or purple with blue dots - or which party you vote for.

How interesting. Aside from all the Paul-Cameron-inspired tripe doing the rounds in right wing circles the past 30 odd years about GLBT people following "a suicidal lifestyle", "curable" homosexuality, gay "recruiting" and GLBT being a "threat to the family" and "civilization" - now they blame gun crime on gay people as well.

Well, I suppose some size-queens I know would say that depends on the definition of the word 'gun'.

Interestingly enough just last month anti-gay group Exodus took centerstage at an anti-gay rally in Uganda intended to incite yet more violent anti-gay hate, and a member of its board blamed the 1994 Rwandan genocide on gay people as well. How these people arrived at these puzzling conclusions is anybody's guess. Perhaps they attended the same bigotry and misinformation classes in college? Apparently we GLBT folk really do get around. Well, well.

Seems these people might just have reason to fear us after all? I mean, if gay people are packing enough to be responsible for gun crime as this rocket scientist claims, then people might have reason to wonder. Say all the queens go around carrying .38 Specials in their little man-bags and the butches swagger through town with shooting irons at their sides - or if I went shopping carrying a mini-gun (in pink to go with my outfit)? If it were a GLBT characteristic or even a gay stereotype if you will, to walk around intimidating people with fire-arms, we must really be dangerous folk! We all know this is far from the truth - about as far from it as these fantastic postulations are from sanity and truth.

If this was the case then surely leading gay-hating figures would be long extinct and the "culture war' as they call it (and blame on us for existing in the first place) would be long over?

But seriously, this genius must take the public for complete idiots if he thinks they will believe his ridiculous theory - trouble is, it is the idiots who are likely to! Wait till the rest of the religious right bodies hear of it and take it up - then, as they say in good old Afrikaans - 'the dolls will start dancing'. Trouble is, they will probably get it all wrong, just like all the other "scientific facts" they have distorted from the work of credible researchers or quoted directly from Paul Cameron to spread lies and hate aginst GLBT. But then, in America anything is possible.

After all, they have the Westboro Baptist Church over there, who chant at the funerals of GLBT people that "Matthew Shephard is in Hell" and call the British queen a 'whore' (and then complain that they have been prevented from entering the UK to protest gay rights). And don't forget that Rick Warren, the man largely responsible for mentoring the anti-gay hate movement in Uganda, was invited to speak at Obama's inauguration.

In the distant past all manner of things have been blamed on GLBT people - from droughts and other natural disasters to the collapse of civilizations. They haven't quite pinned the disappearance of Atlantis on us yet, but I'm sure it is only a matter of time. As others, I am reasonably sure it was a giant meteor that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, and not the GLBT rights movement.

Among the classic comments on this news article was the following which to my mind simply forms the ideal response to all this "moral" claptrap proliferating the relentless attack on GLBT rights and freedoms and dignity. It may also shed some light on that little question 'where will it all end?':

- Comment by Har Davids — April 21, 2009 @ 12:31 "I live in Holland, by quite a lot of Americans considered a very immoral country (drugs, same-sex marriage, euthanasia) and we haven't had that many mass murders lately. The last ones occurred during WW II, when we were occupied by people with strong convictions about wrong, right and how to deal with them."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

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  1. This is precious Chrissy! Nobody could have said it better! What will the bigots conjure up next - maybe it was the gays that dropped atomic bombs on Japan LOL