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Waiter, There's A Bigot In My Soup

Setting the scene:

Two new groups have been created on Facebook. Just days old, their numbers have swelled to in the thousands. The topic? The newly proposed anti-gay bill that has been submitted in Uganda. Far from being populated with outraged citizens criticizing this slap in the face to human rights, they are filled with it's supporters, small-minded near-illiterates crying for blood and if anything, by their obtuse rhetoric, confirming the claims that the US religious right have been influencing Uganda for over a decade. And has Facebook removed these hate groups? Nope. Still there - but at least the hate-mongers are getting plastered and the people they oppress are getting some value for their money for a long needed change. Watch them squirm. But even so...

Uganda is on the verge of a state-sponsored genocide on GLBTI people - and Facebook allows such groups to exist?

Reading the hateful comments on these groups, I have to wonder if these are really people? Are they? Do they have hearts and minds to think and feel with? Do they consider themselves good people? Apparently they do. And they thank God for this law? The same God that made us as equals? The same God who supposedly told them not to kill and that they should love others as they love themselves? Do they deserve any better treatment than they suggest for us? Decide for yourselves...

Just read them to see all the hate and blatant stupidity in the statements these absolute arseholes make. 'Scuse my Klatchian, but I feel it is justified. 

"going against God's laws is sinful, against man's is criminal. Against nature i dnt even have a term for that." 

"Gays shouldnt be treated as normal coz they aint. & no one is born gay its a learnt mannerism."

"Homosexuality should not be allowed publicly in our society. I saw the Norwegian Ambassador trying to justify it using the human rights line but sorry, it won't work here. Lets fight it and all evil guys!" 

"Lets not give them a chance cos if we do so homosexuality will spread like wildfire." 

"where have u heard of pple counselling pervets and lunatics in this world. They are just gross and dnt deserve to be counselled but isolated and hanged, end of the story." 

"AM all for this cause, guys we cant keep letting This vice dehumanize the sanctity of God almighty's Original Plan!!! ...............AND FOR THE 100000000000000th time, .......God created ADAM & EVE, NOT Adam AND STEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (No Offense to all real Steves out there, you guys are straight)"

"The law is law is long over dew" 

"last night a watched a program with a transsexual selling ''her'' property and donating money ...... he was all changed and dressed like a woman; all made up and i just imagine lots of stuff!!! I imagine whether those guys have the word 'God' in their vocabulary!!!! They shouldn't be arrested either becoz i think that would promote the practice."

"thoz chaps are idiots i mean even a goat can tell wats female or male...but such humans cant...freaks...they should burnt alive"

"Chaps should be castrated, we don't want / need them."

"its long over due. Let them be hanged for sure"

"I have no nice words for them(homos)..........i just hate them with a passion. i wish they could be rounded up and thrown in luzira for life, the better i think."

"Those dirty perverts deserve no second chance, i completely want them totally banned,.How do those skanks think they came into being human, do they understand the virtues of pro and co-creation...burn dem ciciman..."

"am going to help capturing people! the homos......."

"I think that is agood should be considered."

"the minimum for such idiots cud be life in prison and the most be hanged to death!Thats why Obama disgraces me siding with gays."

"These are the best words ever spoken about gays. I even fear to say the word. It should be totally abolished in Uganda because God wont even forgive us for one minute if we dare go for its legalisation. Why were gays born and how they think? Do they ever think of their childhood? Jesus for Christ sake are they people with a think ability?"

"its abt time they kem out wit laws against this practice coz its takin us behind! we cant hav these guys runnin round jus like dat!" 

"Those suckers need death penalty"

"tis abt tym"

"Actually we need our own "Guatanamo Bay" once we arrest any of such....perverts!!!"

"if the gov't fails to pass the bill, p'ple should take the law into their hands they should linch the recruiters, without those we would not be having this problem in the first place."

"I dont even want to hear that word. Let God's people wake up, that is if they are really created in His image. It is ashaming to our country go to the dogs like that. Is there a custration law?"

What have gay people done to you that you should hate them so? Letting gay people live and love is "shaming" to your country? But legalizing genocide is something to be proud of?

There is something wrong with Uganda - but it isn't homosexuality - it is religious fanaticism and brutally apparent ignorance. 

Defenders of the law, defenders of the faith

How many times do we have to refer such people to facts and proofs to debunk their idiot superstitions? When will they ever learn? For once and for all, GLBTIQ people do not recruit, GLBTIQ people and pedophiles are not the same thing, and being GLBTI or Q is not a disease or a "sinful lifestyle choice".

Outraged, I also joined these disgusting groups to voice my opposition to this bill and all it stands for. They speak just as the evangelical “missionaries who have infiltrated their culture over the past decade or more, propagating the lies prevalent in the American religious right about gay people being a threat to “the family” – and the other lie that marriage is all about making children - when marriage and family and children are a BLESSING from God - NOT A COMMANDMENT.

The irony is that the very same God they claim to follow also said "for ALL have sinned" - and not just us - but THEM too. But somehow they can stand there pointing fingers and deciding who should have rights and who not, and who should live and who should die. 

Death, death, death... isn't there enough death already? Must blood always run free to satisfy the cravings of the wicked? It is hate that must stop. The obvious ignorance and stupidity - and the tangible hate evident in the things they say about gay people is sickening.

Are they trying to imply that such a hateful un-Christ-like law is "walking in the victory CHRIST" gives them? Do they think these acts of blatant evil are justified by their flagrant use of the name of Christ? 

How do YOU know that God meant? Did he whisper into your ear? Did he put the knife in your heart?

Homosexuality is not a "power" to be overcome, it is people. It is not a sin, it is nature. Looking at the state of their country, Uganda - sin has claimed it and has full dominion over them - and they are so blinded by their hatred they do not even see it. And they insult Christ and God and genuine Christians by draping their names all over it. They sicken me.

They speak of western influence and exposure to "destructive literature"? Nothing in this world is as destructive as an idiot with too much time on its hands who has been exposed to religious fundamentalism. The more some people talk of God, the more they describe my idea of the Devil. If God is love, and if people stop talking about love when they talk about God, then they stop talking about God. 

You do not know this God of whom you speak so much - for it is said that God is love - and if you speak of God without speaking of love, then you stop speaking of God - and speak instead of your Devil.

In the global scheme of things, Uganda is an insignificant speck on the map, contributing nothing of any worth to the world, either economically or culturally. But what is significant is its people - whom such as you would destroy gleefully and rejoice in it.

There are no fitting words to describe the evil festering within you, suffice to say that such as you are beneath the contempt of civilized, enlightened, and thinking beings, who will forever look down upon you long after your departure from this world. 

Since these nice folks are so keen on quoting the bible (another "useless western disease") perhaps they should learn what it is they are quoting - they should read this and get an education:

They call themselves "Christians" - then I have to wonder when or if they will ever start acting like it. 

"Uganda is a sovereign Nation with a constitution to follow. If the law of the land calls for imprisonment or execution of a criminal that must be observed with out fear or favour." 

Of course it is - this means you can pass any law you like to make "criminals" of anyone you don't like and then justify it with this stupid reasoning. Is that rule of law - or tyranny?

So back in 1940 the world should have turned their backs on the genocide against the Jews, minorities and GLBTIQ people of Europe? Clearly that is the principle they are suggesting here. According to them - if homosexuality "is not a human right", then are gay people not human - and not deserving of human rights, not even the right to live? 

Funny though - because science has shown that people are born gay - and since they are born of humans that makes them human too. I wonder how human hatred makes these Ugandans though? Even animals do not hate, does that not elevate them above humans? Even animals can love though, a pity I cannot say the same about some people. 

I don’t think it matters so much who we love - what matters is that we love. 

Just because you don't like it doesn't make homosexuality unnatural or wrong - and neither does your intolerance make gay people "pathetic". In fact, how much courage does it take for people like you to shout "hate, hate" in comparison for a gay person to still live among haters without love or soul? I think the gays in Uganda are more noble and brave than any of you "heroes" acting like you are saving the world when instead all you want to do is wash your hands in innocent blood and blame your hatred and cruelty on a God who loves all of us.

Hate is no respecter of race - as apparently neither is stupidity. 

Passing laws against people on the grounds of how they are born and cannot help? You might as well outlaw people for being born left-handed, blue-eyed, short, ugly or white. It certainly cannot be a just or reasonable law, because it gives no opportunity to the objects of such law to comply.

There is even a provision for Ugandans who flee the country for fear of being persecuted because of their sexual orientation or gender identity - to allow for their extradition to face charges in Uganda under the same draconian laws. So, even leaving Uganda is not enough - they do not just want to "deport" or be rid of gay or transgender people - they want to exterminate them.

"MP Bahati reviewed what his draconian bill would do. If passed, it would: Reaffirm the lifetime sentence currently provided upon conviction of homosexuality, and extends the definition from sexual activity to merely “touch[ing] another person with the intention of committing the act of homosexuality.”

Create a new category of “aggravated homosexuality” which provides for the death penalty for “repeat offenders” and for cases where the individual is HIV-positive.

Provides compensation for “victims” of homosexuality. This provision would encourage an accused’s consensual partner to claim that he or she was a “victim,” not only to escape criminal penalties, but also to demand compensation from his or her partner.

Expand the definition of homosexuality to include “touching.” Current law requires proof of penetration. The proposed law would dramatically lower the burden of proof for penalties involving lifetime sentences or even death.

Criminalizes all speech and peaceful assembly for those who advocate on behalf of LGBT citizens in Uganda with fines and imprisonment of between five and seven years.

Criminalizes the act of obtaining a same-sex marriage abroad with lifetime imprisonment.

Adds a clause which forces friends or family members to report LGBT persons to police within 24-hours of learning about that individual’s homosexuality or face fines or imprisonment of up to three years.

Adds an extra-territorial and extradition provisions, allowing Uganda to prosecute LGBT Ugandans living abroad."

This last clause in particular shows that even people trying to flee Uganda will supposedly not be safe from the hatred of the Ugandan government - in short they will be safe nowhere and Uganda will want them dead, no matter where they go.

Thus it is an arbitrary death sentence imposed against a whole section of Ugandan population - ie ethnic cleansing or eugenics - otherwise known as genocide - and yes, that is very relevant. You people promoting this idiocy do not realize that you will be signing away all remaining rights to your own freedom of speech. In short, when it is signed into effect, you will have slept your last peaceful night. 

Violence, hatred, oppression, child slavery, machete murders, tribal in-fighting, no economy to speak of, religious fundamentalist megalomaniacs in government, a president-for-life who thinks he is God's messenger. Nice country, Uganda. Nice little outer province of Hell.

I am sure they blame all their social problems on gay people, just like the Nazis blamed similar problems on the Jews, Gypsies - and gay people. It is scapegoating, pure and simple - trouble is, they are hoping that by the time they have wiped out all the gay people in Uganda they will have solved these problems, or they will have to find someone else to blame.

You are corrupted and blinded by your own passions. The truth is hid from you and you are led by morally corrupt and reprehensible liars who would steer you all to the edge of the abyss. 


If what they are doing in Uganda is allowed to continue and if the wrong people see this as a success it may spill out of Uganda into other countries. That is exactly what I worry about - Kenya is right next door and is almost as homophobic - being gay there is also illegal, punishable by a jail term - and they just announced intentions of holding a gay census next January... 


In a most telling manner, the Kenyan initiative also calls for “parents and friends” of gay people to out them for the "census" – just as the Ugandan law does, although the Ugandan one adds legal penalties and even rewards to it.

What do you think will happen to Uganda once your image as human rights abusers and those who commit crimes against humanity is cemented? Will you be welcome anywhere? Will your country receive aid to help dig itself out of the mud of corruption and debt it has dug for itself since independence? Will you receive technological or medical support? Will any country intervene should your fragile society descend further into the chaos of bloodletting and civil unrest? Will any country buy your blood-stained products? Will any thinking person with a conscience? I won't.


I'm not surprised that this has come about - I'm disappointed. I have been warning against this for almost 2 years now, and while it is gratifying to be proved right, it is frustrating that no-one seems to have been listening - as it is heartbreaking for me to say "I told you so".

I care about the people there who will suffer and die. I care, because although they don't look like me, they feel like me and they will mourn like me.

I care, because what will happen there will be a tragedy that could be avoided - because if nothing is done to stop this, more will follow - hate groups in neighboring states will take courage in this and follow their vile example.

I care, because this genocide will spread around the world to other backwater, superstitious countries - ruled by idiots who delight in blood-letting and cruelty.

I care, because I believe human beings are supposed to be better - and know better - than this.

What an obscene suggestion that gay people are not or cannot be good people. Since gay people are born mostly of straight parents, try as you may, kill us as you will, there will always be more of us. Hateful people like you are as the wind - you will scream and rant and shout and when you have spent yourselves and your power you will pass and be no more. And we will still be here, as long as there are men and women we will always be among you and a part of you. You can no more rid yourselves of us than we can rid ourselves of you.

We know many do not accept or like us, which we can accept - but oppression and genocide? We have to tolerate others - which seems only fair if they tolerate us too. This taking on of the bigots on their hate groups is not about just expressing views, it is about saving lives.

What most of the people there supporting the bill do not realize, is that it will effectively turn your country into a police state. Every clause in that bill can be used like a double-edged sword. Even an accusation against somebody the state doesn't like - or someone the complainant doesn't like - can result in death or imprisonment. The ban on even peaceful public assembly can be twisted or interpreted any way the government chooses to - meaning that any opposition, even by heterosexual groups of any other persuasion can be declared criminal. And the property of the accused? Why that would have to go somewhere as "compensation" for the "crime", wouldn't it? It is an old story, as old as the Inquisition.

That whimsical reference to the law is just a convenient excuse anyway - because if you were to pass a law to make all left-handed people criminals, you would then also say you are right in hanging left-handed people because they are criminals. Convenient. And also without justification or reason.

And some of these murderous individuals have even claimed that “next, even mad people will want to have human rights”. Indeed. In a civilized society even mad people have human rights, because while they are sick they are still human beings who should be helped, not abused. The difference between us is, that in civilized countries insane people are cared for in hospitals, while in Uganda they are elevated to positions of leadership.

They stoop to threats, telling us not to come to Uganda or we will suffer the fate laid down in their new bill. Some even send me personalized hate mail telling me they "do not approve” of my “abusive language” and “tone”.


I am not, nor will I ever fear you or those like you, nor will I ever bow down before any such as you. The reach of your inhuman hateful law does not extend far enough to reach me. Those like you may one day break my body or even kill me, but you will not break my spirit. I fear for those who will fall prey to you and those like you. I fear for them.

Am I angry? Yes I am. Why? Because you do not understand gay people, nor do you even try to understand others who are only slightly different to yourself, but you hate them anyway. And you pride yourselves in it.

So pass this law and act on it, and history will judge you harshly.

Uganda is far behind - so far that you do not even realize that they would not be the first to act like savages. Others have done as you would - Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia and even Iran. Some innovation. It is tragic that you could think that aspiring to be the first to commit legalized mass murder is something of an achievement to be proud of. You really are sick.

You are in love with hate, hating because you like it, hating because it feels good to you to go beyond just hating others, and although they do you no harm in any way, you demand their deaths and even their suffering - and it makes you feel powerful in your otherwise pointless and pitiful existence in one of the poorest countries on Earth.

Mighty Uganda - a flyspeck on the map. Let us see how well your economy fares should this bill pass. Let us see how many countries will welcome your murderous politicians and false prophets who failed in their duty to avert disaster and speak out against the institution of genocide. Your country "Iganda"... will bear the shame and dishonor and the stains of blood on all your hands that marked Nazi Germany, for all time. Yes, when you have wiped out all the gay people you could find, and your country has descended further into chaos, poverty increased and economy made worthless, and your people worse off than they already are, who will you find to blame then? Jews? Muslims? Whites? Who will you hate next? Who will you falsely accuse next? And in the end, when you have killed all those enemies you have dreamed up, there will only be one left to blame for your misfortunes - YOURSELVES... 

So pass your bill, Uganda - sign away your last rights to freedom and liberty - give it to Musseveni and his foreign advisors from Exodus - your last rites.


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