Thursday, November 19, 2009

If The Shoe Fits...

My would-be Facebook friend wrote to me again yesterday. I say "would-be", because were it not for the tiny detail that I am a transsexual woman romantically involved with another transsexual woman, and the minor aside that this would-be friend is a "bible-believing Christian" who thinks I have made a "sinful lifestyle choice", we might actually be friends. At least she seems to think so. I on the other hand, am not a masochist.

Aside from this detail, and the fact that I am also a human rights activist for the pink community, I might be friends with a lot of people who think along the same lines as her, but who might otherwise not actually wish me harmed, ill or dead.

She doesn't seem a bad sort though, this disembodied voice that pops into my inbox every so often just to let me know that the people my articles are aimed at, actually do read them from time to time - and are apparently "sensitive" to them. 

"I know you mean no harm to what you call sincere people," She says, "but I am afraid that in your writings you are creating a conception that all people are good except bible believing Christians. I am a bible believing christian and it pains me when people create ungrounded perceptions of us..... "


When people call themselves "bible believing Christians" and also engage in anti-social behavior such as inciting hatred and participating in persecution and oppression of other people - is it people like me who chide them for their actions that create the impression that "all people are good except bible believing Christians" - or their actions which do so? Considering what is being said and done in the name of Christ, God and the bible, is this truly "ungrounded"? 

After all, I never ever said that all people are good, except for "bible believing Christians". Do I detect a note of guilt? Is she experiencing an attack of conscience? 

If you feel you are a "bible believing Christian", then what is it that separates you from those I and others like me refer to and warn against?

Surely, then you should be taking this issue up with those who are giving "bible believing Christians" a bad name? Either that, or you should question either what it is in their bibles - or which bibles - they believe.

"No true born again Christian will ever force his or her beliefs upon you. If you encounter a professing christian who does that to you, they are not truly born again." That brings a smile to my lips, not a sarcastic one, but a knowing one. For those who would do that - and much worse, may believe they are - and very often claim they are.

Perhaps you don't realize what it is I am talking about, but let me refer you to these groups on Facebook where people are not only talking about a state-sanctioned genocide of gay people, but putting action to their words. I am sure their words will upset and shock you as it does me. You should read through the whole thing to see the hate and absolute ignorance in them. 

The bill they are supporting by the way, is due to be passed soon and will effectively destroy and end the lives of at least a million people and will also affect the lives of anyone who is perceived to not be anti-gay. They refer to the bible and they claim to be "bible believing Christians" too. They praise a loving God for the work of their own hands - a death warrant for their friends, colleagues, parents, children and siblings - and they justify their hatred with the name of Christ and drape respectability and justice all over it as though it is a monument to their faith. 

They view this atrocity as "progress", and they assert with conviction that they are "Christians" and that they are doing "God's will".

Convenient, don't you think?

Perhaps you should contact those nice folks in Uganda calling themselves "bible-believing Christians" and let them know they are re-enforcing the "conception that all people are good except bible believing Christians"? I am sure they will agree with you and stop crying for the passing of that bill.

I can't read those comments on that group anymore, it makes me too angry and far too sad for words. Silence gives consent, and I will be silent no more. As I said before, I am challenging bigotry, hatred, intolerance, persecution, prejudice, hypocrisy - and now even genocide - which is committed and expressed in the name of the same God that made us both - and loves us both. 

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So, if you read my articles and if you feel they may be directed at you, well perhaps they are - but that is a matter between you and your conscience.

In all honesty, I don't care if people agree with my "lifestyle" or if they believe being transgender or gay is a "lifestyle" or a "choice" or if "it is sin in God's eyes", but I am glad at least that you do not hate me or demand a death sentence for me and those like me, although there are those who would. 

For the rest, let me close with the following: You cannot "straighten out" what God made gay or trans, no matter how much you argue, deny, pray, preach, threaten, hurt, intimidate, persecute, reject, ostracize - or even kill, us. 

And as for my articles - if the shoes fits, wear it.

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