Monday, July 27, 2009

Mirror Images

I was just thinking the other day about these blatant and militant heterosexuals and their lack of shame or consideration for others, their secret and insidious agenda, and it honestly made me quite mad.

Imagine parading around, shamelessly flaunting their heterosexuality in public - what are we supposed to think, I mean, really - seeing a man and a woman walking around holding hands and kissing? What about the effect on the children, seeing such shameless displays of public affection between two consenting adults? And imagine children growing up in such a home, seeing such shameless perversion! Living in a home with "parents" like that obviously has negative influences on a growing mind. Why, I am sure children from such a home would do badly at school and be underachievers for all their lives! And in the end what would prevent them from becoming heterosexual themselves? Everybody knows it is contagious and you can get it from poor upbringing!

It's our children they are after - they want to make others like them you see - they want to "convert" our children in our schools - to recruit them. These sinful deviants try to twist the Word of God at every turn to justify their sinful lifestyle and to sow doubt and disunity in our great Christian civilization - oh yes, to destroy the God-ordained family unit and to rend asunder the Church itself!

Don't they believe in God? Don't they pray hard enough? Don't they realise how sinful they are and what kind of negative effect they have on people around them? Don't they realize what a threat they are to our good morals and Christianity? Why do they choose such a dangerous, shameful sinful lifestyle which can only be described as "suicidal"? Why not simply choose to be normal like everybody else? Don't they know how wrong they are?

Back when I was young "straight" meant the opposite of "bent" - not a "sexual orientation"! Imagine going into a restroom not knowing who is a pervert and who isn't! I worry so about the innocent women and children out there who may fall victim to these predators in restrooms and public toilets!

The other day I heard of a Mc Ronalds or some other company actually giving marriage benefits to heterosexual employees and their so-called "spouses"! They even include pension and medical benefits! I hope the public boycotts them for that, I for one don't want to be seen in a resturaunt that caters for perverts - and whose adverts show heterosexual deviants kissing or consorting on public TV! The whole world seems to be signing on to the Heterosexual Agenda these days and I want no part of it!

Can't they see that the bible calls their lifestyle choice an abomination and that they deserve to be punished and will go to hell for it? So why do they claim they are "born heterosexual" when science clearly shows the opposite? It is a choice, no more, no less! Oh, there will always be scientists who will agree with them and try to prove their point, but they are misguided and sinful people who do not know God. They deny the truth!

There have been so many credible studies done to show the errors of their ways, the pitfalls of their sinful lifestyle, that they are unhealthy, mentally ill, unhygienic, more likely to suffer from sexually transmitted diseases, infections and depression than their counterparts; that they are prone to suicide and destructive behavior and that this all comes down to choice. How can people of opposite sexes really "love" each other? What nonsense! It's all about sex you see, and depravity - they are addicted to it.

Fortunately there are ministries all over the world that exist to help these poor victims of sin - to help them turn from their empty meaningless lives of sin and depravity and choose to not be heterosexual anymore.

But instead of accepting this generous offer of help, they turn on us and demand that we recognize this immoral and illegitimate lifestyle choice of theirs and call us names - such as "bigots" and "heterophobes" which makes no sense at all - I'm not afraid of heterosexuals, their lifestyle simply disgusts me!

Many of them claim to be Christians too - but how can anyone live in sin while being a true Christian? I don't believe that any heterosexual could ever be a true Christian or enter the gates of heaven!

We don't hate them of course, not as people - we simply hate the sin and not the sinner - but how can we possibly allow them in without admitting their sin as well? They would infect us! Imagine "catching straight"! That is why we don't allow them in our churches and encourage good people and true Christians everywhere to prevent them from infiltrating our schools and the workplace and corrupting our good morality using so-called "human rights" as the vehicle to do it! This is not a human rights issue - but an issue of sin!

Why, they would simply try to take over and make us believe that God made them that way - that God is somehow imperfect, because how could a perfect God create such imperfection? Saying such things is no less than blasphemy! How can this be when there are so many passages in the bible which specifically condemn the sin of heterosexuality - and even call for heterosexuals to be condemned to death!

And now they want to pass laws that will protect them from what they call "hate crime"! What arrogance, when they already have laws to do that, just like everybody else has - it's a ploy to conceal the fact that they really want special rights! They want to prevent us from proclaiming the Word of God at them in the streets, in our churches and in the media! They want to hamper Christian soldiers from trying to persuade them to turn away from their sin, calling it "straight bashing"! They want to stop God-fearing Christians from drumming the truth into them, from showing them the truth and the error of their ways!

They want to persecute and silence the Church! They even want to actually marry each other - two people of opposite genders - how about that? Actually using the God-ordained word "marriage" and to destroy the family! And they want to go as far as to legally adopt children! Such depravity - civilization would collapse! The next thing you know they will try to legalize porn or bestiality or a man will try to marry a goat, or perhaps even a whole herd of goats!

What next? Equality for heterosexuals? If that were to happen, nothing would surprise me anymore - after all, these fascist reprobates seem to want absolutely everything we already have for themselves!

At the coming of the Lamb, these depraved heterosexual sinners will fall to their dirty little knees and confess that Jesus is Lord!

Amen to that!


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