Saturday, July 11, 2009

Breaking News - Brought To You Freshly Broken

The other night East London zoo's famous gay penguins were on the Afrikaans news, having hatched an egg and begun nursing the chick as their own. I cannot help to wonder what the viewing majority was thinking or saying, but I can guess that in some conservative homes it was probably something like "Gay penguins! The end is nigh!"

I mean, we all know how some people like to go on about things they hear in the news - whether it is increased taxation, higher fuel costs, crime or marriage equality for gay people, they view it as 'the last straw' and that's it - the world is going to end now because of it.

They seem oddly unconcerned about issues such as wars in the middle east or terror strikes - but get into a flap at the drop of a hat about people of the same gender falling in love with each other. I don't know about you, but this speaks volumes to me about their belief system.

I saw the article on TV news. I saw the penguinos. I also noticed how the journo skilfully avoided using the word "gay", presumably to avoid stirring negative sentiment and more pesky conservative Letters to the Editor at the local bird cage lining factory come the next morning.

Gay-hating fundamentalists absolutley refuse to believe that homosexuality could be natural or inborn - in fact they are famous for rejecting genuine scientific evidence which proves it. Despite the reams of evidence showing gay animals of every species which features a binary gender, they still call it "unnatural" and a "lifestyle choice". You see, they have been claiming it is a "choice" to be gay or transgender for so long that to admit that there are gay animals and that it is therefore a case of nature over nurture - and therefore NATURAL - that they will then have to admit that gay people are also NATURAL. Of course, being gay or transgender ourselves, we have known this since ages past, despite the inability of science or other people to prove this or understand us until recently. Typically they would not believe us - and even with proof and evidence staring them in the face (which they are about to lose), they refuse to back down. They desperately want to avoid losing face (good luck on that) and so they try to avoid the subject altogether.

In fact I would not be a bit surprised if they would claim that the penguins had been "influenced" by our "immoral society" - or the "gay agenda" or "recruited" by a couple of hypothetical gay volunteers working at the zoo. Considering that they seem to think (and claim) that gay people are both pedophiles as well as being partial to bestiality, I am surprised they have not yet deemed guinea pigs and rolls of duct tape to be age restricted items that should be sold over a pharmacy counter - and only after a selective screening process.

Come to think of it, I wonder what it does to the ego of a baby male penguin to be called a "chick"? Talk about sexist! Still, the chick seems well cared for by his or her adoptive same gender family, despite the "fact" that according to the conservatives he or she will now inevitibly turn out to be gay his or her self. And despite the fact that the natural birth parents abandoned him or her while still an egg and technically being partial to abortion. They will assert that a chick will be far happier and better raised in his or her own traditional family unit with a mommy or daddy (instead of two loving daddies), despite the fact that the heterosexual birth parents weren't in the least bit concerned what would happen to their offspring upon discarding the egg.


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I would love to pop into the zoo to visit them the next time I pass through. That is, if nothing untoward has happened to them by that time. I wouldn't put it past people who see killing doctors or nurses who perform abortions as "saving lives" to see offing a couple of gay penguins in the strangely same rose tinted light.

I really began to wonder if perhaps by the next day there would be troops of fundamentalists gathering at the zoo to pray away the gay penguins or parade around with signs reading "God Hates Fag Chicks" or pelt them with condoms. LOL. But then, the zoo is in East London and most of those Fred Phelps wannabe's live in Cape Town. And almost nothing - nothing - ever happens in East London.

Well anyway, it's easy to imagine some annoying little penguin bigots with little white dog-collars on, and copies of "Chicken Soup For The Soul" under their ar - um, wings and poking their beaks in places where they don't belong, innit?


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  2. I jokingly made that news my fb status update.
    I also said most probably a lot of people said: 'kyk pappie, 'n gay/moffie pikkewyn, die einde is naby'


    I've never been to EL, but by the look of surprise I saw when some EL folk came to PTA, I assume nothing happens there indeed...