Friday, July 3, 2009

Blasphemous Rumors

Whatever would God think if he knew people were saying God loves gay and trans people?

And why not? He made us too, didn't he?

After all, some people say that God hates gay people though nowhere does it actually say so - however it does say in the Christian bible that "For God so loved the world that WHOSOEVER believeth in Him..." I think you get the drift? Even God claims to love everybody (which includes us - and even you) - but it is funny that those who claim to be "true" Christians seem to pick and choose.

Oh well, you're only human - just like us, although I admit sometimes I have to wonder. Especially when I look at things like this:

What is a "Christian Democracy"? - a paradox, an oxymoron - a contradiction in terms, like "military intelligence" or "peace keeping force".

Who has the right to force others to believe exactly what they believe, make any alternatives as near impossible as they can - and then have the nerve to call it "free will"?

People often say "if god be for us, who can stand against us" - except when they lose elections of course and suffer setbacks - as the religious radical right wing parties did in the elections this year - and then it turns into "God is testing us" and "what is wrong with the other Christians who didn't vote for us?". Looking at things like this: and this:, I can see what is wrong with them, and I am sure others do too.

I maintain that no loving God will side with a group founded on, speaking or acting out of hatred. And that is precisely where these people blow their cover. Many areas of Africa today are a hair's breadth away from the genocide of gay and trans people simply because of groups such as these who turn the pink community into scapegoats and objects of revulsion - and use God to do it.

If religion is free and personal, then why can't people live together in peace and mind their own business instead of other people's?

Just a social commentary intended to provoke some thought, folks - after all if you believe god made everyone, and if you accept the scientific evidence that shows gay people are born gay - then logically you have to accept that God made us gay or transgender.

Whatever would God think if he knew people were saying God loves gay and trans people?

Personally I think it would be " where in creation did they get the silly notion that I don't??"


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