Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Don't Read Books By Christina Engela - You Might Get An Open Mind!

Back in 2017, after seeing all the hate vented against me on some of my FB posts coming from Angus Buchan fans - some of whom claimed I was a "fake profile" and "didn't really exist", a Facebook friend in the USA sent these images to me on condition of anonymity since she feared reprisals from her narrow-minded conservative townie neighbors.

Apparently a pastor at some unhappy-clappy hate-church near her - allegedly operating out of a local barn - decided I was worthy of their attention and was saying some similar things as the legion of Angus groupies that was attacking me on Facebook in 2017: about me, my sexuality, my gender, and my writing!

If anyone believed their ranting and raving, I am literally the Devil incarnate - it's really a shame I'm not more outgoing because I'd be a real live-wire at parties!

After reading the entire article (apparently taken from their newsletter) I'm sure you'd agree that reading my books could seriously endanger closed-minded views and possibly even undermine conservative ignorance about LGBT people and issues!

As a colleague in my human rights activism days once told me: "There's no such thing as bad publicity!", but if only they'd put a few of my book covers in their article, it might've been better!

I'm not sure what "statnism" or "homsoexuality" is, by the way - but it sure sounds fabulous! What do you think? ;) At least they didn't type "your" for "you're" or "there/their"!

Here's a question for you - has reading my stuff made you want to dress up as the opposite gender and get it on with a co-worker of the same sex, or have you felt the need to suppress the urge to conduct a "statnic" ritual? :P If you do, please remember to send pics or videos, or it never happened!

Enjoy the read and remember not to laugh with food or drink in your mouth! ;)



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