Monday, June 14, 2010

Sorry, I'm Hatred-Intolerant

Why do some men feel that being gay is somehow an affront to their masculinity? What are they so afraid of?

Their own sexuality and of falling out of the closet? That, or are they afraid gay men have bigger dicks? I know some women who have bigger balls. Oh wait, I am one.

Let a girl just choose a girl over a man, and they feel they are "less of a man" for it and get all defensive, as if it has anything at all to do with them. That's right - they seem to think that a woman's taste in men (or women) actually affects them! Geez! Talk about insecurities, issues and mental problems! ... or is that ego? Nah, try arrogance.

Take for example the turd that beat up the three lesbians in the bar in Jeffreysbay last weekend. That's right, a turd. Why? Because he saw three girls there and approached them, and when they politely told him after his badgering, that they weren't interested in his advances because they were gay, he took it personally tried to force himself on one of them. Then he decided to beat up on them for daring to reject him.

Shame, poor little guy. I could almost hear the violins playing. Or was that violence? "Poor little guy". He actually slammed one woman into a wall, before throwing another across the room. Yeah, I can think of some nice things that should follow.

They were verbally abused and then physically attacked for being gay. Whichever way you look at this, this is a hate crime.

I was quite annoyed that the male individual (I won't say MAN because men don't behave so appallingly) responsible for this wasn't arrested for the crime, and still don't know if he has been since. This man is a dangerous criminal with serious personal issues. If he could be so "wounded" by facing the truth that some women just aren't interested in his masculine animal magnetism when he is having a good time with his friends - imagine what he would do if he actually had a bad day.

In fact, imagine if this hadn't happened at a bar? So many lesbians in South Africa end up getting raped out of the hatred and rage by low-lifes such as this who have issues with their own weak sexual self-image.

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People like that belong in anger-management classes, preferably in a maximum security prison while serving lengthy sentences without the possibility of parole. People are getting murdered every day the world over simply for the "crime" of being gay or trans, and this bull shit has got to stop. The authorities need to take human rights seriously, and stop coddling people who think because they are straight they have all the right to demand a woman falls on her knees at their masculine prowess - or otherwise to slam them into walls because they can't have their little way.

Nobody stops these men from being knuckle-dragging, cave-dwelling savages if that's what they want to be. I don't see why they think they have the right to force themselves on anyone else. After all, I sincerely doubt that he would have reacted that way if the women were straight - and still uninterested in him.

But how dare they turn him down? How dare they be gay? After all, why would women go to bars other than to cruise and to pick up men? And if they dare to turn a man down, he has the full right to take his small-dick issues out on them.

Why not pick on someone his own size? Well duh, because like all men who act this way, he's a coward, that's why.

Come slam this chick into a wall, buddy. I'll send flowers to your relatives.

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  1. Hi Christina, thanks for this post. Few women are able to protect themselves against these males who reckons themselves the ..."right to demand a woman falls on her knees at their masculine prowess - or otherwise to slam them into walls because they can't have their little way."

    me too and many women I know have experienced this kind of "punishment" more often indirectly through humiliations & arrogant intimidations. I love it that you can beat up a male. I'm also working out to get strong arms.

    Do you know of a legal way to oppose or defend oneself against such selfish tyranny, often encountered daily.