Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Accepting Diversity

I find people amazing, fascinating. Don't you think it is incredible how there are so many of us, and yet each of us is still unique as an individual? Variety is the spice of life, or so the old saying goes. We are all basically the same biological organisms, but each of us is still different and unique enough to look distinctive, and have our own lifetime of experiences that make us into unique individuals, each with our own identities.

It is this fact that makes Human society so wonderfully diverse. And yet sometimes we get tired of people who disagree with us, or with what we feel is the "right" or "only" way to do things, sometimes this diversity frustrates us. But place us in an environment where everybody looks, sounds and lives the same way - and we soon find ourselves longing for a touch of individuality.

Just imagine how dull and boring life would be if everywhere we went, we saw and interacted with people who look, sound and live exactly the same way we do? Imagine if we all spoke the same language, or enjoyed only the same foods and the same drinks? Yes, shopping would be so much fun - Wimpy would only sell strawberry flavored milkshakes, we would all drive one brand of car, and watch only one genre of TV show.

The Time Saving Agency” by Christina Engela
The TSA liked having fresh agents on the job with a clear mind and steady hand.  Time travel wasn’t for the faint of heart.  The pay was good enough, but as Scrooby had decided long ago, that even if he didn’t get paid for it, the thrill alone was payment enough.  Then again, the TSA realized they couldn’t afford to have disgruntled employees with the power of God at their fingertips, so the pay was very, very good.

Things happen at a certain time in a certain way, which in a sense, is what it’s all about.  If it didn’t, then things would be completely different. Johnathan Scrooby was extremely tense. His job at the Time Saving Agency was a tough one.  Billions of lives depended on him not screwing up.  Once, he’d screwed up in only a small way and people wore those little yellow smiley faces on t-shirts for decades afterwards.  And that was just a small screw up.

A week ago, the American War of Independence was fought in Mexico. Yesterday Napoleon managed to dig a tunnel across the English Channel, invaded London and everybody at the Agency ended up speaking French for a while. Sorting that out had been… well, challenging. Mon dieu.

Something smelled funny in the Anals of History.  Things were not as they were supposed to be. Someone somewhere was tinkering with the works. Somehow, he had to go back and fix it or who knows what might happen this time.

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What can you say about that? That it's human nature to never be satisfied? When it's summer, we long for winter. When it's cold, we fetch the heater and long for the beach. When there's beef for dinner, we want chicken. When people are late, we complain they delay us. When people are early, we complain because they make us seem late.

Change is a constant, some people say - but one thing about human nature is a constant which constantly varies. Human nature IS diversity. Diversity IS human nature.

We should make peace with that, and with ourselves - and each other.

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