Monday, May 3, 2010

Is There Something We Can Do?

There are groups in South Africa which are claiming to be able to "cure" gay people, as though human sexual orientation and gender identity is some form of disease or "lifestyle choice". Their attack on human rights and freedom of expression comes ENTIRELY from the perspective of religious conservatism and fundamentalism and has no basis in fact, reality, science or medicine whatsoever.

They claim we are "broken", burdened with "unwanted SSA" (that's "Same Sex Attraction") that we are somehow in need of their intervention, and so they believe that the same God that made us gay, bisexual or trans, has duly appointed them the moral guardians to rush to our aid and to save us from our sinful natures.

I find the fact that so many people actually fall for their nonsensical prattle rather disturbing. In fact, I think it is because of a lack of education on what we are as opposed to what they say about us.

Despite their proven failure to deliver what they claim, there already are existing groups in South Africa which have been active under the radar for some time, such as Exodus International, NARTH and other smaller groups affiliated to them ("Living Waters ministries" and JONAH), particularly in the Cape Town area, and some like Focus on the Family' "Love Won Out" and oddly-named "Truth Project" in KZN, which is also being presented in Johannesburg. Regardless of their names and what colors they operate under, these are all "ex-gay" ministries who have an agenda of destroying a GLBTI persons dignity, individuality and sense of self-worth to the point where they become neat, conformist little clones, who underneath a shiny veneer of "ex-gayness" are still just as gay, but eventually tortured by brain-washed self-denial to the point of self-destruction and suicide. In fact, the entire Ex-gay industry has been strongly condemned by every reputable medical and psychological institution or body around the world. The fact that more such little groups are popping up here is of grave concern.

The head of this "Foundation" is listed as Richard Cohen - who is affiliated to PFOX and Exodus - both notorious "ex-gay" orgs in the USA. And when I say notorious, I do not just mean in terms of hating gay people and trying to destroy them utterly, I mean involved in facilitating the potential pink genocide currently brewing in Uganda. Exodus was intimately involved in that nice little mess, which is still hanging in limbo... presumably until all the fuss dies down.

Who is Richard Cohen? He is a discredited psychotherapist. " the infamous and controversial cuddling "therapist" who cradles his clients in his lap. It [Exodus] had put out a release specifically retracting its endorsement of Cohen after numerous media appearances demonstrating his bizarre techniques"

Richard Cohen has now helped set up a branch of his ex-gay ministry here in South Africa recently - their website here - International Healing Foundation SA.

Hark at these fools - "change is possible"... and so the ex-gay lie becomes perpetuated in South Africa - by a discredited US psychologist who likes to hold his victi - I mean, patients and try to get a little M2M action while pretending he isn't gay anymore... Be aware of their LIES and PROPAGANDA!

They refute the facts that gay and trans people are born gay and trans, they refute the facts presented by credible scientists who have produced evidence to back the accepted norm that gender identity and sexual orientation are natural inborn characteristics of each individual, and not only in humans, but also in the animal kingdom - and what do they produce to substantiate their claims? Nothing - that is nothing but their own personal interpretations of religious scriptures and opinion. Not one single fact.

These people claim to be acting out of love and concern for the well-being of GLBTI people, when in fact they are spreading malicious lies and acting solely out of a derogatory and intolerant agenda which has no room for diversity at all.

It is organizations such as this which will claim that homosexuality is a "suicidal lifestyle choice" and then make the lives of their gay and trans victims so miserable that they will prove their assumptions right - and then place the blame squarely on homosexuality.

It is therefore necessary to equip the community to know these frauds when they see them, and to have enough factual ammunition to hit them back with whenever they start to spew their vicious lies and slander.

To this end, I have compiled a booklet for just such purposes. Here is the free download link. I encourage you all to read it and to pass it on as far as you can.

The booklet is called "The Pink Community: The Facts" and is meant to provide useful information with credible source references - I suggest you all keep it handy and read through it to get your stories straight for when you need it.

And I hear people asking "Is there something we can do?" Funny you should ask.

Yes. There is.

Get educated, brush up on facts, stock up on urls, download articles and keep them handy for taking on these frauds, charlatans and quacks when they come your way - and let them have it with everything you've got.


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  1. Neither Richard Cohen or PFOX are related to Exodus. Exodus has positively helped thousands of people. I have been on this Christian post-gay journey over seventeen years now and don't regret it at all. The caricature you paint is what people used to do to gay people. If want to make a true difference break the pattern of dehumanizing those you disagree with.

  2. I do not need to "dehumanize them" as you put it, Randy - their actions and agenda do that for them. Have you seen the actions and involvement of Exodus and the rest of the "christian" ex-gay movement in Uganda? Have you paid attention to the affirmation of Cohen by groups such as Exodus - do a Google search for yourself.

    Aside from that all ex-gay groups buy into the same rhetoric, propaganda and lies fueled by religious fundamentalist ideals - and peddle the same material, whether it is the recently debunked "Masters & Johnsson" lies, or the Paul Cameron pie-in-the-sky.

    They do not have the good of any GLBTI individual as its goal - in fact I fail to see how you can even call it "help" with a "straight" face - excuse the pun.

    You are kidding yourself if you think you have been "made straight" or "cured" - if you were gay at all, you will be gay till the day you die and still gay the day you stand before God, they way he or she made you. Self-denial is not being heterosexual or a "cure".

    What you call a "caricature" is in fact the way gay people STILL are treated, by both the US-influenced religious right all around the world, and their puppets - the so-called "ex-gay" industry.