Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Headlines & Deadlines

I often marvel at news headlines like the examples I have listed below:

"Controversial Daily Mail journalist addresses gay event
Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips spoke last night about the danger of “criminalising religious beliefs” at an event debating the conflict between LGBT equality and freedom of speech."

Naturally, GLBTI people having equality is dangerous, especially if it is your religious beliefs to oppress them. Of course, we all know religious beliefs that destroy the lives of innocent people we just happen to dislike are far more important than the human rights of those people. That is, we all know religion needs to pin something on somebody and it might as well be those darn GLBTI folks, who are always objecting to being stepped on and made scapegoats of, don't they know their place? I mean, they should just accept that OUR God hates them and get on with life and quit wriggling when we put them on the hook.

"Catholic adoption charity to challenge gay ruling in the High Court
Religious adoption agency Catholic Care is to argue its case for banning gay people from its services in the High Court early next year."

That's right, ban destitute orphans from being cared for in loving homes by loving and committed same gender parents. It's far healthier for the kids to grow up in an orphanage, or remain in abusive environments where the parents are at least one man and one woman promoting the "traditional family" and its values.

"Christian council worker sues after being sacked for homophobic email
A Christian council worker who was sacked for sending a homophobic email is suing her former employers."

Sure, it's perfectly fine to email homophobic comments to gay customers - on your employer's business email using your company's letterhead. What were they thinking when they fired her?

"Catholic church sex abuse 'caused by homosexuals, not paedophiles
A Vatican official has said that the child sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church was caused by gay men preying on teenage boys, rather than paedophilia."

Striking in this article is the insistence that the men abusing male children are somehow not "pedophiles", but "gay men preying on teenage boys" - despite what is being described in every sense of the word is pedophilia and that pedophilia has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Even so, the official insists on denying the obvious facts and prefers to flog that old dead horse about "those predatory homosexuals are after our kids again", gosh darn it.

"Man fired from Christian radio station for revealing he was gay
A man who was fired after six years of volunteering at a Christian radio station lost his job because he admitted he was gay."

Wow, a whole six years, huh? Ah, no good deed goes unpunished. Isn't it funny that when you lie, the fundies love you - but just dare to tell the truth...

"Belfast church allowed judicial review on 'homophobic' ads
A Belfast church has been granted a judicial review on a ruling from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) that its adverts were homophobic. Sandown Free Presbyterian Church appealed the decision in the high court."

No, of course not, your honor - when we call homosexuals "sexual deviants and threats to civilization and the traditional family, who choose an immoral and sinful lifestyle" and campaign against the evils of giving them equal civil rights, we mean it in the best possible sense of course, with their best interests at heart. It is of course, reprehensible to attack the human rights of gay people, unless it is done so from the perspective of the loving God of the Christian faith.

"Irish cardinal renews attack on civil partnerships
The spiritual leader of Ireland's Roman Catholics has said that civil partnerships undermine marriage."

Of course they do. Despite gay marriage being legal (at least in South Africa) with the scarcity of churches actually willing to perform same sex marriages, gay people have to spend more money than straight couples to pay travel accommodation fees for ministers from other cities to officiate at their weddings - it makes straight weddings seem boring and downright cheap by comparison.

"Religious groups planning to derail gay protections in Equality Bill
A number of faith groups are planning to fight anti-discrimination protections for gay people in the Equality Bill. An email seen by PinkNews.co.uk suggests the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is throwing its support behind the efforts."

Everybody knows that fundies see being legally equal to "dirty" gay people as "special rights", just as they view being rapped over the knuckles for hate speech or hate crime as "religious persecution" - just as "everybody knows" religion is all about persecuting other people to make themselves feel better than others. It is to them about exclusion and not inclusion. Well, obviously for some people it is.

Food for thought, wouldn't you say?

After all, we "deviants" who are born gay, bisexual or transgender are not deemed by them "allowed" to be Christian - but then we get accused by the very same pious pulpit-pilots of "choosing" an immoral "lifestyle". Yes, I am sure we all woke up one bright sunny day and just chose to be gay or bisexual or transgender, never mind the tendency of people like them to persecute us and make our lives as miserable and impossible as they can - or to end them. Gee, I suppose we can add "masochism" to the list as well now. Looking at some of the following headlines I can see why:

"Trans woman found murdered in burnt-out flat
Andrea Waddell, 29, a graduate of Durham University, was found dead on Thursday night. She had been strangled and her bedroom set on fire."

Well, that'll teach transwomen to think they are human or equal to real women. Freaks. Considering that this is what these bigots think, honestly - it makes me wonder what goes on in some people's heads, and if there is anything up there aside from bone and hair follicles.

"New Zealand study finds half of gay and bi students have self-harmed
A study of gay and bisexual teenagers in New Zealand has suggested that half of them have deliberately harmed themselves in the past year."

That's right - when homophobes don't give us "attention-seeking" freaks enough attention, we save them the trouble and harm ourselves, making the bigoted claim that "homosexuality is a suicidal lifestyle" something of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

"18 per cent rise in London gay hate crimes
The number of homophobic hate crimes in London has risen by 18 per cent since last year, Scotland Yard figures show."

Yes, it's quite funny that these homosexuals can claim they are being "persecuted" when we all know that their demand for civil rights and hate crime protection laws are just an excuse to attack our freedom of religion and freedom of speech. How spiteful and misguided can you get?

"Young lesbian couple beaten in Brighton
A young lesbian couple were verbally abused and punched in the face by a group of men in Brighton. The women, aged 18 and 22, were walking along Gloucester Place at around 3am on October 7th when three men began shouting homophobic insults at them."

These darned rug-munchers, they dare to walk around in public minding their own business, they reject your manhood, so you force it on them - that'll learn 'em. They won't go walking around flaunting their immoral lifestyle again, that's for sure. Yes sir, that's how you make lesbians straight - you beat them straight like a piece of crooked iron on a forge!

People say violence solves nothing, but that's just weak people - like women and gays - but we men know better. After all, violence solved slavery, nazism, fascism and ended WW2 - it will solve this nasty problem of these depraved sexual deviants muscling in on our turf too. We'll make them sorry they decided to be born gay.

What a sick world we live in that these deviants can't be fired and aren't being locked up for their sin, and two people of the same gender are allowed to "love" each other, reject the natural order of things and legally "marry" each other, while true Christians are being persecuted for their faith and religious freedom is curtailled by so-called "hate speech" laws.

A sick world indeed.

Is it any wonder why many gay, lesbian, bisexual, trangsender or intersex people don't want anything more to do with religion? After seeing the spitefulness, intolerance, hatred and arrogance in the words of these people, and the willful ignorance in their attitudes and in the looks on their faces - I don't either.

I mean, they don't even seem interested in learning the facts about gay or trans people. Whenever you try to educate them, they get all tense and accuse us of "promoting the homosexual agenda" and threatening "the family" and all sorts of mental ranting. So in the end, we should just leave those self-righteous victims of self-delusion and self-inflicted ignorance to wallow in their shallowness - and show the rest of the world how dumb they really are.

In fact, it makes me wish I could move to a country where there is no religion, or at the very least, no ORGANIZED religion. Rumor has it that even Christ hated organized religion.

I sure can't blame him - I mean, look what it did to him.


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