Friday, December 30, 2016

The Enemy Of My Enemy Is Not Necessarily My Friend

Why is it that when people who use a word like 'tranny' to describe transgender people are told, by a transgender person, that the word is derogatory and offensive towards transgender people, they rally and insist that it isn't?

Then, while claiming in their defense there are gay people who use the term as well, they miss the point that no gay person who respects a transgender person will call them 'a tranny'. Yes, there are bigots in the LGBT collective as well.

...then comes the obligatory claim that they 'have loads of trans friends' who clearly don't mind being called 'trannies'. 

Have you ever ASKED them? 

Or did you argue with them about what a fantastic cisgender ally you are just for putting up with them, as you just have to me?

Using terms like 'tranny', 'trassie', 'moffie', 'queer', 'poofter', 'faggot' (and any number of others) is tantamount to using the 'k,word' when referring to black people. To deny this in the face of someone who is on the receiving end of this abuse - and who has just informed you that it is offensive - only adds to and compounds the abuse.

Then, to claim that a transgender person is 'over reacting' when insulting terms are used against trans people, and then insist that a cisgender person is easily capable of understanding life from a transgender perspective... While making facetious statements like 'just because you're confused about your gender...' adds injury to insult.

You clearly do NOT understand, and you've just proved it.

To crown it all, saying in your defense that you're 'not transphobic' because you watch fucking 'tranny porn' does NOT make you a fucking cis-ally! It makes you a perverted and closeted hypocrite and a bigot!

If you are really an ally to transgender people, you won't do to us what our enemies do.

If you want to be an ally to transgender people, then fight alongside us for our equality - without attacking us with your self-entitled cisgender expectations that we should 'get over ourselves' when you join in the abuse - and suggest we should fall on our knees before you in gratitude for just not being an asshole and treating us like decent fellow human beings.

Get over yourselves. You're not all that and a bag of chips.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

America's Shame Before The World!

I can't understand how a majority of Americans - supposedly the most forward-thinking people on the planet - could vote "Trump". It's mindblowingly disappointing. It's awful. Simply awful. This is a dark day for human rights, not just in America, but everywhere. Considering the orange monkey's appalling campaign promises, there will be human rights violations and civil rights losses in abundance as Trump faces pressure from his rabid supporters to live up to his election promises - build the wall, strip LGBT rights, enact racist laws, deport all immigrants, hack the constitution, make Christianity the state religion. As if the rise in violent hate crimes in the build-up to this election farce wasn't bad enough, all those equality-gains for critically persecuted minorities made over the past decade will be lost - and the right wing wave of sheer mindless hatred unleashed by the GOP by the name of "Trump", the lunatic fringe of hate-filled racists, religious fundamentalists, homophobes and transphobes - who are now the proven majority of Americans, will not simply be reigned in now.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

No LGBT Stereotypes Here!

series-adGood day, everyone!
Today I'd like to talk to you about stereotypes!
(Before I get into an explanation of what I mean, I would like to emphasize that my stories are not just "all about LGBT people" or intended to rub straight reader's noses in a rainbow flag and sprinkle glitter all over their cornflakes!)
You see, I've been asked a rather difficult question as a writer, and that is "What exactly is my intended market?"
At first glance, anyone who looks at my books might think they are ordinary sci-fi stories - but nothing could be further from the truth!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New Living Ways Ministry SA Seeks Human Rights For 'Ex-Gays'

This morning I found an item in my mailbox from Andre' Bekker, a representative of "New Living Way Ministry" - an 'ex-gay' group in South Africa. It was headed "An Open Letter to the Gay Community and Activists", and its content can be read right at the bottom of this article. I have no idea who else has received a copy of this letter, but since it was headed 'an open letter', I presume it was meant for the whole LGBT community in South Africa, and of course activists such as myself.

I don't often reply to provocative letters from organizations of that caliber. It's not normally worth the aggravation. It's obvious though, that Mr. Bekker wanted a response of some sort, so I sat at my PC a little longer than I really wanted to, and read through the whole thing. Suitably provoked after a time, I typed out my reply, included below:

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Magenta Dragon

Most in the South African Vampyre community who have done a little research into the history will know that this community’s recorded history began in May 2010 with the foundation of House Valur. Most will know that the community only began growing and taking form with the founding of the South African Vampyre Alliance (SAVA) in June 2011, but little if anything is known about the community in the time before that.
Sometimes though, one finds little gems that shine a new light on what we already know. This being the case, we examine the recollections of one of the community’s earliest builders from before 2010. Also, we will examine the initial overlap of Vampyre culture with other subcultures and societies at the time – in this case, South African Pagan culture. We will also examine the role played by vampyric Pagans in laying the groundwork for the growth and formation of the VC independently of the Pagan community in SA – and the important role these events played in the subsequent relationship between the Pagan and Vampyre communities. First, a little background.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Passion, Perception And Prejudice

Today is another day I find myself facing accusations that I 'hate Christians'. The source of this accusation, undoubtedly, is some of the posts I circulate on Facebook - posts which unmask Christian hatred for the 'other' - that is, for non-Christians and LGBT people, also atheists, Pagans and people who worship other gods.

I am a human rights activist, and as an activist, my function is to first of all expose, advertise or bring under the spotlight any wrongdoing, injustice or crimes against humanity to the public - and secondly, to thereby challenge fixed mindsets, prejudices, misunderstanding and ignorance. Thirdly, my task is to educate those ignorant of the facts surrounding those whom they have been encouraged to hate and oppress. 

Ignorance is the biggest enemy of all, because people fear and mistrust what they do not understand - and what they fear, they hate. There is too much fear and hate in the world we live in today.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What DO I Really Want?

It's regarded as naive' to want everyone to 'just get along' and 'make nice'... but nevertheless, that's all I really want from the world. Every day as a human rights advocate I see words spoken by people consumed by anger and hatred towards other people, and it saddens me. Yes, I've spoken out in anger before too, and I will again today and tomorrow... but that's a reaction to the hatred and anger of others - and the acts of cruelty committed out of their hatred and anger. At least I am above committing such acts of hatred and cruelty, unlike those I usually take on as an activist.
...but why can't we just try to get along? Why do those who do harm to others so vehemently defend and look for excuses to justify their hatred and their actions of harm? Does hurting others make them more right? Does destroying lives prove their point? Does doing bad things in the name of 'goodness' or 'righteousness' mean they are 'good' people?
Let's make a pact to start fresh. Try to look at the world around us anew - at OURSELVES and at each other anew. Not as Christians or ChristianISTS, Muslims or Islamicists, as 'straights' or 'homosexuals', or as different shades of skin color, not as our religions or cultures or ideologies or races - but as PEOPLE. 
I'm not in government, you aren't in government - only the politicians pursuing wealth and power are in government. They seem to decide our causes and our issues for us... instead of us doing that for them.
We should stop lending our ears to these puppeteers, and stop giving them what they want. It's time they started listening to the people and giving us what we want.
Peace. Harmony. True equality. Rule of law, safety and security - honoring the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, transparency, accountability. A healthy, growing, stable economy; a living wage, social security, an open equal opportunity society.
Make it so.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Let's talk about belief. It's amazing - and also quite frightening - how some people seem to be more concerned with what other people believe about anything, rather than concerning themselves with their own private beliefs. Typically this is even more true when it comes to religious beliefs.

Some adherents of certain religions for example, find it difficult to not become obsessed about other people who do not share their particular beliefs. They can, and often do, even go so far as to claim that other people's beliefs are 'harmful' - either to the believer themselves, or to others - typically while believing that their own are not. 

It becomes something of a finger-pointing game. I see it happening in my social media news feed every day. I daily scroll past thread after thread of people arguing about how wrong, stupid, ignorant etc everyone else is for not agreeing with them - flame wars filled with people fighting to convince others how right their particular religion is, and about how wrong, misguided, dangerous and harmful the other is. 

It has to be the most unaware, blissfully ignorant display of self-glorifying selfishness there is.