Sunday, January 19, 2014

Support SAPRA's Legal Aid Fund!

Offended? Discriminated against? Unfairly dismissed? Experiencing prejudice on the basis of your religion? Do you have a problem which can only be resolved in court? 

It's a given that you already know how far out of reach the courts have become to those who cannot afford to pay astronomical legal fees. Legal action in South Africa today has become so expensive that it is virtually unaffordable to the ordinary household, making "justice for all" inaccessible to those who cannot afford R8000 or even R25000 PER DAY for advocate's fees! 

As a result, many aggrieved Pagans may be forced to accept the injustices levelled against them, while those committing injustices against them continue to do so with apparent immunity. 

The South African Pagan Rights Alliance offers financial assistance to Pagans who have incurred legal costs as a result of legal disputes involving discrimination against them on grounds of their religion. 

If you would like to help, please support SAPRA's Legal Aid Fund. The more you donate, the more we can assist those in need. One day that may even be YOU. 

* Please indicate your deposited contribution as 'Legal Fund'. 

Account holder: South African Pagan Rights Alliance 
Nedbank Account number: 2536578852 
Account type: Savings 
Branch: George - Garden Route Mall 
Branch code: 153614 

South African Pagan Rights Alliance - Legal Fund

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