Thursday, November 22, 2012

Uganda Again Set To Pass "Kill The Gays Bill" - Followed by Nigeria

What can I say about this, folks - except "I told you so"? 

I've warned about it since I started this activist blog, after all. 

Back in 2009 or 10, I even acted as a mediator between the local and foreign ex-gay and ex-ex-gay factions - the ones responsible for stirring up and fueling this impending holocaust in these African countries with their religious fundamentalist puritan prattle and anti-human rights bullshit, encouraging the ignorant, poorly educated and religious fanatic locals to "punish" those gay and transgender people who embraced their nature. 

Well, they now have their wish, it seems - to see thousands and hundreds of thousands of their own relatives, co-workers and neighbors deprived of their liberty, freedoms and their lives. 

How can people who value human life and human rights over pie-in-the-sky ideology and religious extremist "purity" - even their own - actually agree on anything relating to human rights with those who spit on them? In my view, religion is something everyone sees differently - precisely why it should be personal and KEPT personal and private - and not uniformly forced on a society of people who are all different. It is folly, treachery and the most basic fracture line in the modern world. In fact, when it comes to LAW and human rights - religions have no place on the table, period - and least of all, religions that make it their central focus to utterly destroy people based upon how they view people for who they are.

In the time of the Nazis, the rest of the world stood up to tyranny and evil - true evil - and fought it. Back in those days, the Catholic church supported the Nazi regime - and it comes as no surprise that they support this disgusting move in both countries as well. It is sickening and disgusting, and any religious group, including their leaders who agree with, and promote this sort of reprehensible abominable convention, should be prosecuted for human rights violations and strung up and disposed of like the inhuman rabble and toxic waste they are.

I don't care if you are a Muslim or a Christian, or of any other faith group - as a human being, this sort of thing should revile and disgust you to the core. And if it doesn't, then you should wonder what you are.

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