Friday, March 9, 2012

Cry, Emo Kid - They Really ARE Out To Kill You

I was shocked and saddened today, when I saw news articles of STATE SANCTIONED AND ENCOURAGED MASSACRES in Iraq

The target of these unholy act of unspeakable barbarism? LGBT people, feminists - and Emo kids. That's right - Iraqi religious police assisted by fanatic religious militia have been abducting and murdering people - including children - because they don't approve of their hairstyles, dress, or if they happen to appear a little too masculine or feminine to their liking, for their idea of "appropriate" gender! 

Nobody is safe from their brutality and terrorism - not even children! 


It's sickening. But that's what you get from religious extremists of any religion. That's what you get when there is no line separating religion from government. And don't think religion X,Y, or Z would be any different if it ran a country's government. Look at Uganda - where they have been working very hard to murder gay people by passing genocide into law for the past 5 years. Funny how despite the Kill the Gays Bill not passing, the dire circumstances of the Pink Community there - living in perpetual fear of violence and death, and imprisonment for being the way they were born - that disgusting little fly-speck of a country still hasn't been dealt with by the international community. No, the fact that they are sitting on a shit-load of fossil-fuel seems to be a get-out-of-jail-free card for their human-rights-abusing Christian fundamentalist regime which masquerades as a democratic government. Oil it seems, is much more valuable than the blood of innocent people crying out for justice and aid. It's amazing how convenient morality can be sometimes, isn't it?

The West sent Uganda a strongly worded memo, but at least it was something. At least Uganda realized their fragile banana-republic economy would take a pounding if they had to start rounding people up for being gay and killing them. Money talks to them, even if their conscience has no tongue to talk.

In a theocracy, somebody always gets the high jump, and it's usually a convenient scapegoat minority that is either physically different, prays to a different set of gods, or just happens to stand out from the crowd and parts their hair in a different direction. The same was true for Christianity - back before it started acting like Pinky and the Brain, the Romans tried to stamp them out because they refused to sacrifice or worship the Roman Emperor as a god. After it became established as a Roman religion, Christianity gleefully began doing plenty or persecuting of its own - 2000 years worth of bloodshed - and mostly innocent blood stretching all the way around the world. 

As far as I know, those savages in Iraq have been pulling LGBT people off the street and torturing them to death since 2003, and last I heard, it was still happening. So now they are murdering children for combing their hair a certain way, or for dressing in a manner they don't like - and interfering in people's lives and dictating by law what is moral and right and what is not and deserves to be brutally murdered. Sounds familiar. Now where have I seen that before?

People who can behave like this, as a collective, are intellectually underdeveloped and socially retarded. That country is, and has been for many years - a human rights abuser. As a state, they are UNFIT to sit at the same table with countries which strive to protect, defend and promote human rights, equality for all and the divine spark of life within all creatures. They obviously have no appreciation for the value of a single human life - which is why they can end it so easily and so easily justify the suffering and bloodshed with "it is god's will"? Bullshit!

Should I use a derogatory term to describe the Iraqi regime? I'm tempted to. Sorely temped to launch into a tirade of expletives that would tar them and their entire nation and their inexcusable religious fanaticism with the bile and bigotry and contempt it so richly deserves. I fear I might even overstep the mark and unwillingly tar all the good people who actually live in that country and suffer those fools and imbeciles and their vindictiveness because they are afraid and have very little choice.

This is the government left in power by the USA when they supposedly liberated the people from Sodam Insein? The one they supposedly gave democracy to? Instead they now have a new oppressor in its place. Clearly they have no concept of what a just and democratic people-oriented government is supposed to look like! America and the West should have done a more thorough job in cleaning out the villains standing in line to seize power as soon as they left the battleground - or perhaps dropped some more of those fancy "smart-bombs" we heard so much about.

Allowing religious bodies to dictate morality and to usurp the law and the constitution, to bend legislation and government to its will, and to erase the line separating church and state, is a sure path to suffering, oppression and destruction - not only for any minority group that displeases the demagogues, but for everyone in that state.

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It boggles my mind what lowlifes they must have in control of their government, who can authorise this sort of savagery? What kind of people are they to institute legalized genocide - and how dare they claim to be better than animals! Animals at least don't do things like that! Animals at least kill to eat, or to defend themselves - not because they disagree with each other, or because uppity prey looked at them askance.  Animals don't lie, they don't cheat, they don't hate, they forgive easily - and they don't kill for sport or take pleasure in causing pain and hurt. The "people" responsible for this are lower than animals in my sight. I have  more in common with a common house-fly than with them. They disgust me.

Religious fanaticism is ugly, no matter what the religion. It's hard to believe people who can create magnificent works of art and beauty, whose ancestors had 6000 years of high civilization dating to before the time of Alexander, who created the earliest know form of writing, the fabled Hanging Gardens - and had religious and cultural diversity, can also sink so low in the sight of all that is good by revelling in abject cruelty, mindless savagery cold-blooded barbarism and twisted hatred. If there is evil in this plane - then surely that is it.

The people who thought this up, who perpetrate it, and who facilitate, encourage and enable it - and who justify it with religious clap-trap are no better than the Nazi filth of the last century, and they deserve no less harsh a reaction from the civilized world! Drag them before the Court of International Justice, hang them high, weeping and screaming inside their hoods - kicking and shitting themselves at the end of a rope for their crimes of genocide against humanity! 

I hope the UN does something about this. If the nations who claim to cherish the charters and principles upon which the UN was founded, then they have to be prepared to do more than just send a strongly worded memo.  It requires more than that.  If the UN turns a blind eye to human rights abuses, you don't deserve to have the other eye that can see. If the United Nations don't act to keep the covenant that brought it into this world, then it isn't worth having at all.

Somebody has to do something to safeguard the sanctity and value of human life - because for the victims of this madness, waiting for help on high is a long wait for a train that never comes - and there have been enough trains to Dachau already.

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  1. This is what Islam, the religion of peace, is all about: killing, murder and terrorism. When will the world wake up and smell the coffree?