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How To "Mng" Hate Mail

Some of the bigots who make the effort to send me hate mail are really irate before they do so, and the more pissed off they get, usually the less sense they make. I have previously mentioned that I tend to file my hate mail. Far from being masochistic, I do this with good reason. You see, the more I know those folks hate me, the more I know I am doing the right thing. Apart from that, it is quite entertaining and motivational to occasionally take it all out and read it over a glass or two of good wine. 

Sometimes it is amusing to note the colorfulness of the content, or the rhyme, or even the imagery. The sense of outrage, injustice and paranoia on the part of the writer is often striking and ironic, and if anything the saddest and most surreal part of the whole business. Honestly, though my girlfriend isn't that amused by the things said in there about me, I find it rather amusing. I say it is motivating, because it helps inspire me to work towards a world free of hatred. I also have to admit I keep the compliments I receive too - and it's comforting that there is more than twice as much of that than there is hate mail.

A few days ago, in a topic I called "Suffering In The Darkness Of Ignorance", I told about one of my recent additions to my hate mail collection. As a matter of interest, I replied to this person and it turned into something of an exchange. Yesterday morning I found yet another reply, if you have read the previous article, then you will see from where it picks up. If not, then let me provide a brief explanation.

"Fear God and desist from sodomy and lesbianism Otherwise you shall burn in hell forever" said Mngr's first letter - I presume "Mngr" stands for "Manager". And the email address had something to do with lathe sales. The argument he or she proceeded to present indicated to me that this person is clearly a fundamentalist and hence a couple of ants short of a picnic. I think by looking at this material, you might learn something about the fundamentalist gay-hating mindset. It is harsh, inhumane, critical, vindictive and also utterly narrow and completely paranoid. I might add to that list, nasty, ignorant - and even gratuitously ignorant - to the point where logic and reason do not apply, but are rejected in favor of a fixed and inflexible delusion that what they believe is the only truth and that anything which contradicts it, must be either a lie or a deception. Gay people have an "agenda" - we are the Devil, and we are trying to trick them *wink*.

I will pick up the conversation from where it left off:

"You claim to have facts." Yup. "You claim that I have hate." Yup. "You claim that I am prejudiced." Yup. "You claim that I know little of sex." Yup. "You claim that I do not what I am talking about." Yup. "You claim that I am corrupted." Yup. "You claim that I talk dirty." Yup. "You claim that I am cruel and stupid." Yup. "You claim that I dishonour God." Yup. "You claim that I am talking utter nonsense." Yup. "You claim that I am ignorant of the fact that the earth is round." Yup. "You claim that I represent oppression and cruelty." Yup. "You claim that I am immature." Yup. "You claim that I have not produced a single fact." Yup. "You claim that I have no morals." Yup. "You claim that my writing is comic relief." Yup.

"Mngr" then demanded I show him or her where I saw hate in his or her posts. "Show me the hate, show me everything that fits the above description". How about comparing gay people to pedophiles, rapists, incest, calling being gay unnatural, sinful, corrupt, immoral, wrong, filth, evil, dirty - sound familiar? Oh yes, that hate. If this isn't hateful, especially if it is proven false - what would you call it? Poor mister or ms innocent, is the nasty tranny picking on you?

"Speaking of a penis into a pussy is NOT dirty talk" Umm - when you use a word like "pussy" yes, it is dirty talk.

"I do not hate you nor do I hate anyone. It is your deeds that we detest, we turn up our noses at the emerging filth" Filth? Thus you "detest" gay people (there is more hate on your part). How can you hate a person for his or her sexuality without hating them?

"You have not answered a single question other then blurting out insults." - Not one of your statements or questions has been without untruth, without insult or free of hatred.

"How do we reproduce? Through being gay? Imagine a country full of gays? Where do we get children from?" - As gay people are only 10 percent of the population I seriously doubt the world will ever be in danger of becoming underpopulated because of gay people. Is everything about reproduction and sex with you fundies? And you call us obsessed with sex? And you seem somewhat obsessed with children - which is quite worrying.Tsk, tsk.

"You claim that animals too are gay. That is some poor research you did, plus it may be possible in some rare instance." Take that up with National Geographic, and every university that engages in such studies. They are the ones who proved you wrong, not me.

"I in all my life cannot imagine seeing two bitches (female dogs) having sex" Your lack of imagination or inability to absorb facts is not my fault.

"Who makes laws? God obviously." Which God? The God of the Jews? The Islamic God? The Christian God? The God of the Jehovah's Witnesses? The Mormon God? The deities of the Hindus, Buddhists, etc? Humans make laws and some of them blame them on God - don't try to stain God's hands with your laws.

"Mutual consent is no excuse." Really? So who should sit in judgment of other people? You? Do you have the right to decide who should be allowed to love who? No? Well there is your answer. It's not up to you. If you believe in God then act like it and leave it in his or her hands. God sure doesn't need you to act like a judge on his or her behalf.

My poor friend, I pity you for your ignorance and your hateful attack upon those different to you, and for your inability to comprehend that other people being different does not mean they are "evil" or "afflicted". Were it not so tragic, I could indeed laugh at your statements which are an admission of your ignorance and narrow-mindedness. I wonder how you can sleep at night with thoughts like these to keep you company.

Since when does "a mother having sex with her six year old son" have anything to do with being gay? Again, what does "cannibalism" have to do with being gay? How in any way is being gay harmful? Are you so blinded by your hatred of gay people that you will grasp at anything at all that you can twist against innocent people?

"These persons approached me with their stories. I did not fabricate them. They are genuine case studies." - Maybe the people you spoke to were telling you what they believed, in any case they were straight people who know nothing of being gay - and um, doesn't a "case study" have to be done by an actual university or scientific researcher to be "genuine"? LOL.

"If a person is born gay, he/she must be treated and cannot follow the desires of this sickness." "In simple terms, gay people are sick, they need treatment" "This sickness must be treated and part of the treatment is NON indulgence of this sick behaviour." - Since when is a persons sexuality a "sickness"? Is your heterosexuality a sickness? No, but your intolerance and bigotry sure is. You're the one who needs treatment, you whacko.

I repeat, how do gay people in any way affect YOU? Do they have sex on your dining room table while you are trying to eat dinner? Do they prevent you from living your life? Is anyone forcing you to like them and make friends with them? Do they in any way affect your human rights? No? Then what right do you have to complain about them?

What gay people do within their own relationships is none of your business, just as what you do in yours is none of my business. Ranting like a madman about sex and male and female genitals and moaning about how "dirty" you think gay sex is really unnecessary and pointless - what kind of sex is "clean" anyway? Personally, I think all sex is disgusting and it really doesn't interest me in the slightest.

Providing you with facts is casting pearls before swine - a waste. You are the kind of person who would drop a hammer on your toe and still deny that gravity is a fact.

People like you claim that being gay is a "lifestyle choice" when it is natural and in-born and not a choice at all. Truth is, it is religion that is unnatural and the lifestyle choice in being both a lifestyle and a choice. And considering the kind of ignorance and bigotry you display I would assert that is far more harmful than a persons sexual orientation - which is none of your business anyway.

Kindly have yourself locked up for the good of society around you. If you need help, I know a few good doctors who might be able to help you.

Again, another mail.

"you still havent answered a single question of mine, only spewing insults." - I have already answered every question you posed - I can't help it if you don't like the answers. If you take honesty as an insult for all the insulting things you said in your mails to me then that is your problem.

"Our discussion is senseless-" What discussion? You never 'discussed' anything - you ranted and raved, and tried to brow-beat me with your threats, ignorant and hateful claims.

"waste of time." Absolutely - trying to talk sense to a bigot and a fundamentalist is like asking Osama Bin Laden to hold your shot gun while you tie your shoe laces.

"so be it - live with your sickness and God shall judge." Fine - but then hand back your judge's robes and LET GOD be the judge - and stop trying to take them back every time you think God isn't doing his or her job.

And again, another mail from "Mngr" who quite clearly, isn't managing too well.

How is "'I in all my life cannot imagine seeing two bitches (female dogs) having sex'" in any way a "question" or an "allegation"? Is it not an admission that you lack either life experience or imagination? Dogs frequently indulge in gay sex, regardless of whether they are male or female. Just do a simple web search on YouTube (or look it up on Wikipedia). It's so easy even a fundamentalist could do it, if you could figure out where the trigger on your mouse is.

"two gay girls are also termed bitches" by whom, except by nasty little fascist wankers such as yourself? And you say you aren't full of hate? LOL.

"I must mention that I have a great respect for the likes of that man (Osama Bin Laden)" - No kidding. I can't say I'm surprised.

"Please realize that you are sick" - funny dude - I'm not the one spouting hatred and invading other people's privacy - or sending anonymous hate mail to somebody you have never even met. You claim to be a Christian? Don't make me laugh. Oh wait, too late.

Your village called, their idiot is missing.

I have to close by mentioning that this exchange was not even of the normal standard of hate mail or intelligent debate I often find directed at me. Not once did I feel the amusing tingle on my skin I get from reading threatening letters and imaginative tales of how I am going to meet my doom one dark and stormy night at the hands of a "Christian soldier" bearing a bible, good news and a sharp impliment. This individual did not once even try to quote scripture passages or make biblical references to even try to justify his or her misogyny. Nor did he/she make an attempt to even engage me in an inteligent debate - or even try to understand any of the information presented - but seemed to be content just making banal remarks - or is that "anal" - and then lay blame on me for not expressing him/herself correctly?

Either way, this made taking him or her apart and making fun of them so much easier - and so much more fun - and I found that curiously stimulating.

As you can see, I tend to deal with people like this by using humor. It has the effect of either making them reluctant to be made bigger fools of again, thereby encouraging them to not send me more - or just making them more angry because they are not being taken seriously - and being made fun of. And then of course, I get to post their misogyny all over the internet. Hmm. Something about the mouse being mightier than the sword? Perhaps a mouse does have a trigger indeed. Click, click.


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