Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Indecent Exposure

It is quite cute how some people can glory in being ignorant. Have you ever noticed how they seize upon junk-science they find on the Internet, put there by their equally ignorant compatriots - and claim "I win!" when it is as fake as their faith and their claim to worship and follow a loving God who is supposed to have created - and to therefore love - all of us?

They delight in pointing out the multitude of fake studies and falsified research put out there by conservative propaganda factories such as the "Family Research Council" and its founder, disgraced psychologist "Dr" Paul Cameron - which make rather extraordinary claims such as HIV/AIDS is a "gay disease", gay people live shorter lives, gay men ingest a large amount of feces, gay people are mentally ill and that homosexuality is a curable "disease". Not only are they ignorant enough to actually believe this rubbish, but they delight in spreading it and using it to "prove" that gay people are somehow inferior and perverted and deserving or persecution - which they of course, are only too happy to indulge in also.

But take a dose of fact to counter the fallacy, dispel the nonsense and junk-science, sweep up all the bullshit and they are left with nothing, except perhaps with the egg on their faces. In the end there is not one tiny shred of factual evidence - no scientific or medical reason to take any stand against sexual or gender diversity. No, not even one. And so they are left with religious doctrine and dogma, which is not based on science or fact, and can be twisted to show anything the wielder chooses without any substantiation or corroborating evidence or burden of proof - which it seems, tends to suit them best.

I find it curious and somehow gratifying that they eventually resort to quoting meaningless scripture and superstitious fallacies - with not one single FACT among the nonsense they spout, nor anything which proves anything other than blind faith in blindness (ironically there are many more Christians out there who are shaking their heads at their shameful attack on ordinary folk who are just trying to get by, themselves). But then, this approach is quite typical of religious fundamentalists when they are cornered and all vestiges of scientific veneer and medial authority has been stripped away from them and they are asked quite forthrightly to "prove it".

As I have said so many times before, I am not anti-God or anti-religion - just anti those who try to force other people to believe what they believe - and who try very hard to make life impossible for those who don't.

The simple truth is that they are narrow-minded, ignorant and full of hatred - and they have sour grapes because they just cannot have things their own little way. Boo hoo.

It really is a quite interesting situation:

It starts where their hatred and intolerance is born out of their own dislike for people different to themselves. They then associate with other people who harbor the same prejudices, invariably they seek justification from sources such as religion and science, and when they cannot find it in science, they look at religion.

This hatred and intolerance is fostered by a misunderstanding or misinterpretation of their own religious doctrines, or molded by others with the same view who mentor their anti-social behavior and misogyny.

They feel foolish having nothing more "real" than their own religious misinterpretations to use against the object of their hatred, because they realize the world appreciates fact, science and medicine to authenticate or substantiate opinions and actions against other people. the age of people blindly accepting "because I said so" or "it is written" is long past. Most people nowadays are too smart for that and will just laugh them off or call them idiots or charlatans to their faces.

They resort to falsifying scientific studies, quoting such material made readily available by like-minded groups, and use it to incite more intolerance and hatred. They make credible-sounding claims about diverse people they see as a "threat" or as "the enemy" being "mentally ill" and "curable" etcetera, all the while making subtle allusions to their religious beliefs and inherent paranoia.

When scientists object to having their research distorted by these groups, or when false scientific claims are shown to be false, they stand there for all to see, stark naked with nothing to to use as a weapon, except their hate and their much abused religion and its battered scriptures - which carry no weight in the real world at all.

They then reveal their ultra-conservative and fundamentalist nature, not for a moment caring that they have in so doing lost every shred of credibility they may have still had.

How in any sense can such people, determined to conjure up lies against others in order to drum up hatred against them reconcile these actions with their proclaimed love of a loving God?

Is this action not in fact "bearing false witness"?

They lie, they cheat, they behave in a most un-neighborly fashion and they bear false witness, claiming all manner of falsehood against gay and transgender people, simply because they hate them - and they try to pass the buck by placing the blame on their holy book - and on God himself.

Hmm. VERY Christian indeed.

But then it is okay to break all the rules in the book, just as long as we get to fulfill the book, isn't it - or if we get to beat others over the head with it? That's right, it feels good to walk over other people, doesn't it?

In the end this determination and desperation shows me what they are. I think you can guess too.

Fundamentalist. Bigoted. Radical. False. Deceitful. Dishonest. Intolerant. Prejudiced.



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