Friday, August 1, 2014

The Department of Justice Pamphlet "Harmful Religious Practice Is A Crime" - An Analysis

Page one, panel 1(Right):

"Practise your religion or belief in a way that builds you.

Title: "Harmful Religious Practice Is A Crime"

Page 2, panel 1 (Left):

"Harmful Religious Practices:

1) Many people, in particularly children are hurt or killed as a result of some form of practise which are perceived as part of a religion."

This statement is in and of itself taken as a standalone statement, correct. However, this is only true in the sense of the large number of people in rural South Africa who are accused of witchcraft and who are either forced to flee their villages for fear of violence directed at them by their neighbors and even their families who frequently use Christian doctrine as an excuse to "not suffer a witch to live". Many are killed each year due to this harmful practise, although the victims themselves typically do not self-identify as witches or practise witchcraft. Frequently the true motives indicate that this is a convenient way to obtain property or to exact revenge on the victims for some personal matter.