Wednesday, February 26, 2014

SA Government Fails Human Rights Mandate Through Tacit Support For Ugandan 'Kill The Gays" Law

Uganda has passed the much publicized "Kill the Gays" Bill this past week.

In response to this hateful law, countries supplying aid to Uganda have suspended their aid and openly condemned these heinous acts in Uganda. Norway, Denmark and Netherlands have done so, and there is talk of the UK and USA following suit, as well as several more European countries including Sweden.

South Africa - the supposed "shining light" in Africa however has done absolutely NOTHING so far, aside from quietly releasing a very short, very weak and very vague statement on its website referring to "international homophobia" to say it will "look for clarity".

Yesterday a motion to condemn the new law in Uganda was deliberately silenced by ANC members in Parliament.

How much "clarity" is the SA government looking for? 

How much clearer can it be? People are facing discrimination, intimidation, imprisonment, persecution, torture, violence and death based upon their nature as human beings.

Let us not forget that our "ambassador" to Uganda (appointed by our President in spite of a pending case in the Equality Court) is still a homophobic bigot former journalist who wrote articles demanding LGBT protections be removed from the Constitution and compared marriage equality to bestiality. 

Meanwhile, LGBT Ugandans have begun to experience renewed violence since the passing of this despicable law, with the first resulting fatality being recorded yesterday.

Ugandan newspapers have resumed exposing suspected LGBT people, and Ugandan society is descending into a witch hunt.

... and now, to add insult to injury, according to Naledi Pandor, ANC minister of Home Affairs, this issue is just "not worth commenting on". 

This is a disgusting and shameful display of tacit consent to deliberately calculated and legislated human rights abuses in a country with which South Africa trades and provides infrastructure training and support to.

You think no special comment is needed? Go read the SA Constitution, minister - SA is MANDATED to defend the human rights protections of endangered peoples in countries with which it has dealings! By failing to do so, you - and your party - are failing your mandate!

This is a disgusting slap in the face for human rights from a government and political party that allegedly is proud of our constitution and the human rights values for which it stands!

People like you make me ashamed to be seen as a South African.

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