Wednesday, November 9, 2016

America's Shame Before The World!

I can't understand how a majority of Americans - supposedly the most forward-thinking people on the planet - could vote "Trump". It's mindblowingly disappointing. It's awful. Simply awful. This is a dark day for human rights, not just in America, but everywhere. Considering the orange monkey's appalling campaign promises, there will be human rights violations and civil rights losses in abundance as Trump faces pressure from his rabid supporters to live up to his election promises - build the wall, strip LGBT rights, enact racist laws, deport all immigrants, hack the constitution, make Christianity the state religion. As if the rise in violent hate crimes in the build-up to this election farce wasn't bad enough, all those equality-gains for critically persecuted minorities made over the past decade will be lost - and the right wing wave of sheer mindless hatred unleashed by the GOP by the name of "Trump", the lunatic fringe of hate-filled racists, religious fundamentalists, homophobes and transphobes - who are now the proven majority of Americans, will not simply be reigned in now.